Top 5 Digital Marketing Techniques To Promote your eCommerce Mobile App

Digital Marketing Techniques

Just launched your eCommerce mobile app for your online retail business? It seems to be a good eCommerce adventure, right? But wait a minute, is it helping you achieve your sales goals? Have you analyzed how many people have downloaded your app and shopped from there? If your shopping app is not getting results as per your expectations, then maybe you are not using the right digital marketing techniques.

As per , m-commerce will reach $284 billion, or 45% of the total U.S. e-commerce market, by 2020. If you are not promoting your eCommerce app, then you might miss many opportunities to grow your online business.

Here, we will look into top 5 digital marketing techniques which would help you in getting ahead of your competitors and growing your online business –

App Store Optimization

Similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), App store optimization (ASO) is a technique which can help your eCommerce app to gain visibility in App store whenever a relevant keyword is searched for by the user.

The goal of ASO is to drive more traffic towards your App’s page in the app store. After that, if the users find your app useful and interesting, they may download it. ASO requires in-depth keyword research and content optimization to gain high ranking in the app store.

Moreover, you need to identify the audience who will be interested in downloading your app. Based on this research and analysis, the content on your app store page which includes the name of the app, title, description, keywords, logo, etc. is optimized in order to get discovered by the users.

So, just ensure that your app meets the app store search criteria and encourage a high number of people to download your eCommerce application.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for promoting your eCommerce app is all about creating attractive content to drive traffic to your app store page through social media platforms.

Post updates on social media encouraging users to download your eCommerce app. You can introduce new discounts and offers for new users and post on social media platforms.

This will create awareness about your eCommerce app among the social media users and help you in converting your visitors to customers. There are several social media marketing strategies which you can use to promote your eCommerce app which can be determined based on your geographical location and the type of audience you are targeting.

Content Marketing

Posting content like blog posts, infographics, press releases, etc., can help you a lot in promoting your eCommerce app. Content adds a high value to your marketing efforts because it provides information to your potential customers which is much more valuable to them than advertisements.

Most of the time people on the Internet look for information rather than advertisements. They skip ads to get some information. Provide some valuable information which is relevant to your business in the form of high-quality content and gain traffic over your app store page.

Email Marketing

Many of your present customers may be purchasing from your webstore as they are not aware of your app store. Design an and educate your audience about your app store and how convenient it is to shop from there.

Send your present and potential customers, introductory discount offers through email and encourage them to download your eCommerce app and purchase to sky rocket your sales this holiday season.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

You can invest in paid advertising campaigns on Google, bing, Facebook, etc. and gain popularity for your eCommerce app. This will obviously increase your marketing expenses but would definitely yield a higher ROI.

Paid advertising is expensive but gets quick and guaranteed results when compared to app store optimization, content marketing and other digital marketing, techniques.

If you have just launched your app store with the holiday season just around the corner, paid advertising technique would be perfect for marketing your mobile app store.

Optimize your eCommerce app Using Digital Marketing Techniques

With so many eCommerce mobile apps available on the app store, it has become a real challenge for online retailers to enable their app to be seen and downloaded.

Face this challenge with confidence by using above mentioned top 5 digital marketing techniques and experience sky rocketing sales this holiday season.