Designing a Deal of the Day Page that increase Sales

June 28, 2016

Customers trust you more than they do your estore website or your pamphlets. Giving the web pages a human touch adds a lot of sense to win a customer. The “About Us” page with not only company ‘history’ but with some real time feedbacks from people adds a huge value; Deal of the day or the best buy of the week make a big voice in attracting the visitors to check more items than they had earlier planned to, to increase eStore conversions. How to structure the ecommerce platform for a deal of the day page design that sales your ecommerce store?

Consistent branding is necessary. It is more than just defining a few standards; it’s about uniformly branding to the prospects and also to the existing customers such that it adds value to the recognition of your brand. Logo design, logo colour are all just the start ups which require the alignment of core marketing strategies to add up to the sense. All these alone can get you the credibility of customers!

Are you still wondering how to design deal of the day page for my estore? Well, the crux is, a proper combination of the right imagery characteristics, standard designs & colours, core message text display & repetition, streamlined typography and audience targeted design, is the core of consistent branding!

  1. High quality product photos for the product in Deal of the Day page or in any page of the online store is very important, because it has all the stuff to add to increase online store conversions & thousands of dollars to your revenue! More than 50% of the customers check the product picture before purchasing the item! No wide angle lens in camera, using the right aperture, using the right white balance, using the best lighting equipment, using the right background based on a static or a moving object in the foreground are all to be taken care
  2. CTA buttons, ‘Add to cart’, ‘Buy now’ or so should stand out distinctly from the background colour/design so it is clear & grabs the customer eyeballs to click on them!
  3. Using captivating copy of words might sound we are being strict in English/language, but that’s not the case. It really has a lot of effect on the people visiting the site. ‘Awesome’, ‘Amazing’ do captivate the customers, even the negative words like ‘insane’ in “Insane design? Don’t worry; ask us for the best” add a lot of connect with the customer mind and body thus pulling him to the site!
  4. Keeping a new “Deal of the Day” at least every 2 days is important if you target to fascinate the customers. Creating the urge by using a timer to show the time by which the deal expires gives a push to the visitors to grab the deal right then, if they are in need of the item. Also make sure you cover various departments every time you choose the item for the deal page so that you cover multiple customer needs!

Well-designed Deal of the Day page is one of the greatest marketing/sales tools and it goes a long way in getting it designed simple yet effective enough to add a weight to the business website. Should you require assistance in getting the best deal of the day page for your estore or any other services for online stores, ask us now at QeRetail!

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