Improving Customer Service Experience using Efficient Store Design

April 9, 2021
Customer Experience with store design

The customer service experience plays a crucial role in the success of the business, deciding the customer’s journey with your brand. A customer only prefers to buy from the brand which takes care of the customer experience. In light of the fact, the companies are already working towards enhancing it, in fact, 81% of marketers say that, in 2 years, their companies will be competing based on the customer experience.

So, What exactly is the Customer Experience?

According to Gartner, Customer Experience is the perception and feelings of the customer which is caused by the effects of interactions with the employees, channel, or products of the supplier. Here are some stats that throws light on the importance of the customer experience-

  • 86% of customers are ready to pay extra for a better customer experience.
  • 57% of online customers say that they abandoned a merchant because of the bad customer experience offered by them.
  • 40% of data analytics projects will relate to the customer experience by 2020.- Gartner

Customer experience has always been an important factor for both the company and the customer. And in this digital world, when your competitor is just a click away from your customer, the importance of customer experience increases even more. Let’s check out some of the major benefits of a good customer experience for businesses.

How Can an Outstanding CX Benefit Your Business?

  1. Higher Customer Acquisition and retention

    Customer experience can bring a considerable increase in customer acquisition. A satisfied customer tends to recommend your brand more to his friends or families encouraging them to purchase your products. This results in higher customer acquisition as the customers trust their family and friends more than any other type of advertisement.
    In fact, 92% of the customers depend upon the recommendations made by their near ones to make a purchase. Delivering a good experience to one customer can create multiple prospects, thereby increasing your probability of acquisition. Not only customer acquisition but if you serve your customers in a better way it can lead to higher customer retention as well.

  2. Higher Conversion Rate

    The probability of the closing of the deal depends upon the experience that the customer receives from you and your website. The better is the customer experience the higher will be the rate of conversion. The same case holds for the new prospects as well. Instead of considering it a single-time purchase, you should focus on keeping a long-lasting relationship with the customer, thereby putting efforts into the same.

  3. Better Customer Engagement and Brand Promotion

    Customers love to hear from the brand they trust. They not only engage with their content and offers but also take the initiative to convey their needs and interest. This information can be utilized by the companies to serve their customer to a better extent contributing to the customer experience and long-lasting relationship.
    Along with this, a highly satisfied customer also tends to promote your brand into their circle and network. Brand promotion coming from a customer, being considered as a comparatively more authentic source, proves to be extremely beneficial for the companies increasing with their sales as well as boosting profits

  4. Higher Customer Lifetime Value(CLV)

    The loyal customers are the treasures of the business you need to preserve. The loyal customer spends approximately 67% more than the new ones. The journey of the customer depends upon the way he is being treated by your company. If you want to turn your customers into loyal customers you need to serve them in that way. Try to offer an outstanding customer experience so that the customer returns to your brand instead of just making a one-time purchase.

8 Store Design Tactics for a Better Customer Service Experience

The customer knows you through your website or web store, hence the journey to a great customer experience starts from your store and its design. Designing is not just about the appearance of the webpages but also about the function it delivers. Designing has a huge psychological impact on the customer’s mind, based on which they decide whether to stay or not.

48% of people say that website’s design of a business reflects its credibility- saying quite a lot about the importance of the website design in a business. If you also want to improve your customer experience through your web store design, here are some of the most effective ways to opt for.

  1. Understand Your Customers Needs

    The foremost thing to consider to serve your customers effectively is to understand their needs. Unless you know their needs, you can never create a solution and serve them appropriately.
    Customer needs can be either product-related such as price, features, and endurance or service-related, such as availability, clarity, and support. There are numerous ways to analyze the customer’s needs, like-

    • Surveys
    • Interviews
    • Groups
    • Feedbacks
    • Social listening
  2. Design your Website from Layman Perspective

    Customers love beautifully and creatively designed websites. However, always remember creativity does not mean making things complicated to stand out in the market. You should try to design your website as simple and user-friendly as possible so that anyone can access it at utter ease.
    Make sure the products and services can be easily found on your website. Optimize your search field for the most popular keyword concerning the category. Avail your customers with the facility to filter their categories based on their choice.

  3. Opt for a Responsive Website Design

    Mobile devices have become an inevitable part of our lives, and eCommerce hasn’t remained untouched either. According to BigCommerce, m-commerce sales are projected to account for 54% of the total eCommerce sales by 2021. Hence, to utilize the complete potential of your eCommerce business, you should prepare your eCommerce store for mobile devices as well.

    48% of customers admit that if the website of a business is not optimized for mobile devices, they consider it as an indication of the carelessness of the business. If you do not want your customer to move to your competitor, opt for the responsive website design that enables your website to fit into all the mobile devices along with the desktop.

  4. Build Balanced Product Pages

    Product pages are the most important part of the website. It is the place where the decisions are made- making it the centerpiece of the customer’s eCommerce experience. A customer never wants to stay on poorly designed product pages, impacting their buying decision. So, try to design your website in such a way that it encourages the customer to stay and take some action.

    Here are some factors that you should take care of while designing your web page-

    • Pick the right color, dimension, and placement of the elements of the web page.
    • Try to draw your user’s attention instantly to the add-to-cart action button.
    • Provide balanced and authentic information about the product as well as the company. It should neither be too much that the customer gets lost nor too little that hinders the clarity.
    • Make sure your product page speaks to your brand.
  5. Offer Personalised Experience to the Customers

    Personalization, having the potential to serve the customers more appropriately, always works for the businesses. Customers love receiving personalized services from the companies as they find them more relevant to their needs. There are numerous ways you can opt to personalize your website-

    • Create Personalized Homepages
    • Display the products that have been recently viewed
    • Apply location-based personalization on the product pages
    • Remember the user preferences and choices.
    • Recommend product and services based on the user past purchase and search behavior
    • Send personalized reminders about upcoming occasions, incomplete purchases, or inquired products or upcoming sales.
  6. Highlight the Customer Reviews

    72% of the customers are likely to take an action only after reading the reviews. Just like the word of mouth marketing and personal recommendations, customer reviews also prove to be a highly impactful factor in the purchase decision of the customer.
    88% of customers find the reviews equally trustworthy as the personal recommendations to make a purchase. Considering the fact, you can utilize these reviews on your website to entice the customer to make a purchase. You can use good customer reviews as testimonials. Show your concern by responding to their queries.

  7. Simplify the Checkout Process

    Along with the product pages, placement buttons, amount of content, you should also take care of the checkout process. Also, make sure that the checkout process is as simple and accurate as possible. No one likes to fill forms again and again, in fact, the customer prefers the brands that remember them, instead of asking for their information at every step.
    Keep an accurate record of the customer, and do not ask them to fill in the information like address, and bank details, every time they make a purchase, let them use their saved data. Allowing the customer to create an account on the website creates a sense of ownership among them, increasing their trust in your brand. This makes the process easier for the customers, increasing their likelihood of returning to your website.

  8. A Visible Option of Customer Support

    If you want your customer to stay longer, stand by them and support them throughout their shopping journey, from product search to payment, to return and refund. Never let them feel left out or stuck, after this, they might never return to your brand. Always remember the consumers are impatient and they expect immediate responses and support from you. Hence, make sure your customer support team resolves the customer’s problems as soon as possible. Some of the best ways to provide end to end and satisfactory customer support include:

    • Display the contact information of your business on each page of your website or web store.
    • Connect to your customers on social platforms.
    • Respond to their queries in the feedback.
    • Integrate a chatbot into your website for instant connection with the customer

Wrapping Up

Great customer experience management has the potential to create long-lasting, and loyal relationships with customers. All you need to do is to have a competent customer experience strategy in place. Along with this, you should also keep measuring the performance of the CXM(Customer Experience Management) through the variables like CSAT( Customer Satisfaction) and NPS(Net Promoter Score), running in your business.

This gives you an idea about the effectiveness of your CX strategy, based on which you can make suitable changes in your approach. By now you might have understood the way you can win your customer through an outstanding website design. However, if you need any assistance, Reach out to our Experts.

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