Common SEO mistakes every eCommerce seller makes

July 19, 2016
Common SEO mistakes every eCommerce seller makes

Most ecommerce websites aren’t too good in SEO good practices, to be honest and vendors resort to other modes of acquisitions like email marketing and so for the ecommerce store. This isn’t an indication of a majestic/smart business man, SEO being the prime mode of customers recognizing or reaching you; one shouldn’t escape from optimizing the SEO of his ecommerce site if he targets at a long-term stable success in ecommerce markets.

To mention on some common SEO mistakes every online store seller makes,

  • Keyword research made isn’t up to the mark. A keyword should be mid-way between what a website visitor looks for and what a business product provides. Keywords purely based on just the product description are not going to bring people to you because those who look for your products may not know your product features/description! Long-tail keywords formed by words relevant to the audience are great for estore product pages.
  • Stuffing meta-tags, web content and product descriptions with the same keyword content is being lazy enough to put in the required efforts in the specific component. Such site owners get penalized for their compromise made in user experience & obviously sit behind in conversion rates! Creating unique meta tags & keywords specific for each page is very much necessary to do a decent content design!
  • Duplicated product descriptions is something Google hates & penalizes such websites because its bot doesn’t find the right version of the site on SERPs. Thin content & duplicates should be completely removed. Filters and categories mentioned in an ecommerce page should be indexed in such a way that the search engine bots aren’t getting a clustered experience during search. Try to have good category formation, not more than 3-4 categories, bread crumb navigation tool for category structuring, categories leading to wider product groups, rightly designed faceted navigation, no-index filters, Google Webmaster help for dynamic websites.
  • Product reviews are very important for people to trust the product descriptions you provide. More than 50% of the people decide the buy based on the reviews. Make sure to have reviews in the product pages; make a note these are seen as fresh web pages by Google.
  • Short concise URLs with targeted keywords are necessary for a good ranking in Google. Don’t do the blunder of having non-descriptive ‘irrelevant’/’senseless’ urls just for the sake of putting them in.
  • Site speed is an important point to be taken care due to people closing the site if they see the load time being more than 3 seconds. It’s a shock to see top 2000 retail websites have an average of 10 seconds load time. Don’t make way for high bounce rates and loss of conversions! OnCrawl could be used to check speed, Images/codes to be compressed, useless widgets and ads to be avoided, a strong host to be used!
  • Internal linking is one of Google’s favorites. Make sure to have them.
  • Lack of security encryption results in penalization. Make sure to put in SSL certificates!
  • Don’t stuff keywords without relevance. It is converting your own content to spam!
  • Use html even in images so Google can recognize/read them.
  • Search engine optimization is not just getting top ranks but also about converting traffic to sales. User SEO good practices in combination with marketing techniques so as to bring out a completely effective site.

Don’t you think all it takes to design a strong website is just about knowing a few tactics and implementing those using professionals in the best possible manner taking the needful amount of time and effort? Yes, it’s not too complex but just needs the right design team! Looking for one such expert team for eStore SEO services? Contact QeRetail now!

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