Common mistakes of eCommerce blogging

Blogging for success in ecommerce!

While blogging is a great way to get the results that you look for in the ecommerce store/online store business, it’s necessary you take care of the nuances involved in it without which you may not reap for what you sow with. You shouldn’t be missing out on e-retail ventures by carrying out poor ecommerce blogging techniques/strategies. What should you take care of? How should be the content of ecommerce blogs?

  • Using the most relevant keywords in the right context in blogs is a great way to get good results in SERPs. Don’t push keywords for the sake of, because blogs are unlike the basic ecommerce site read where people may not read every word but they do in case of blogs.
  • Long keywords in right contexts in blog add a lot to generate traffic and create an edge among competitors in the market.
  • Customers today want as much detail as possible before getting convinced for a product buy. Blog is a great way to provide this while you may not be able to show lots in estore websites. Make sure to use the blogging space wisely.
  • Never use promotional content or tone in blogs because blogs are a way of creating communications with customer and not to solely advertise what you are. While you do the same canvassing within the blog in a decent tone, please don’t make it obvious!
  • Writing on all possible strong areas of you, in the blog may show you as a great writer but not as a professional business man. Make sure not to write too much on your niche, rather focus on content relevant for the target audience.
  • Trends talk a lot. Make sure you know what’s currently trending where you write on it and then draw in details on your business. If you don’t create an impression in the beginning of the blog, you may not be able to make the reader stay for long!
  • Tertiary keywords generated from primary keywords are great in generating organic benefits. Use a few keywords in each post rather than dumping all in one. Goes without saying, don’t just push them but let them fit naturally into the text.
  • Blogging space to be attractive on mobiles/tablets. Go responsive.
  • Sharing the content on social media is very important today. Ignoring to customer talks on social media or blogs is even more important. Don’t miss out to respond to customers.
  • Using basic WordPress themes for every blog or posting random content is not going to gain you traffic or conversions or ROI. Make sure to put up the major elements clearly in blogs, include CTA if necessary, relevant category banners, images, video files, subscription forms and any other information you think is relevant.
  • Make sure to have a consistent tone all over your blog. Grammar and English language is not something you can miss out. This doesn’t mean you dump in jargons but a decent language is very important to impress readers
  • High definition images are very important to catch the user attention. Please don’t do cost cutting here. Absorb it in you that blogs are at the same level or even at a greater level compared to your estore pages and they need similar level of attention if you expect a good return from them
  • Check out the blog results in SERPs for existing blogging spaces so you get an idea how to go about it.

We are sure you now have a decent grip on why blogs for estores and how to go about them. You definitely require the perfect combination of proficient writers and smart business teams to make the best out of blogs. Interested to talk further? for newsletters with more of such information and many more exchanges on better businesses.