Infographic: Christmas Marketing Ideas To Boost Your 2018 eCommerce Sales

November 29, 2018
Christmas Marketing Ideas To Boost Your 2018 eCommerce Sales

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  For most of the online stores, holiday and Christmas shopping season will be a major chunk of their total annual sales. This is why it is very important to get the Christmas eCommerce marketing plan right.   Here is an idea guide you must consider for your eCommerce store to be successful this Christmas season.  

Define your goals & plan towards them:

For success, we must have a clear vision of the ultimate goal. Without defined goals, all your actions will go in vain and your brand will not have any advantage of the holiday shopping season. Defined goals should be clear, specific, measurable and practically achievable for success and bigger sales.

Customize your website theme:

Giving new look to the website as per festival will bring the festive mood up and your visitors will set the spirit to buy for the festivals. If you are not sure where to begin with, just follow these 5 easy steps to launch a fresh new layout.

Get emotional with your Christmas marketing:

Emotions are the most potent things in the world that can resonate with your audience at a deeper level and you can be assured to get a response from them. Just try to be a ‘storyteller’ or an ‘angel’ who can connect with the targeted audience emotionally.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are your Christmas marketing friends:

Staying ahead in planning will always help you reach the right number of people at right time. Fortunately, Christmas follows huge events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can run the same promotional activities during these two major events and if required, improvise, for Christmas as well.  

Stay classy and creative with your images and graphics:

Give an impression to your visitors be it website, blog or social media, that you’ve got some awesome Christmas promotion going on.

Sell the solution, not product or services:

Try to be useful to your customers. Successful companies always sell their solution or product that adds value.

Create a well defined gift guide:

A gift guide is a collection of gifts that people like to buy. A well defined gift guide will drive many customers which is a great way to drive sales. This Christmas utilize this feature and watch how it improves your sales.

Consider combo offers of your most popular items:

Let’s take gift guide to the next level by giving some great combo offers. Combine most purchased products together and give some great offers.

Create a cut off date for last purchases:

This will create a sense of urgency before the offer is gone. You can always revise the offer and share it again to gain huge footfalls.

Don't forget "post" Christmas:

After Christmas, until New Year, people spend a lot of their time on mobiles. Utilize this opportunity to full and run some great offers and campaigns like “Santa is back with your goodie bag”  


Executing these small steps doesn’t require huge efforts but they do have some great advantages. It has the potential to transform many of your visitors into happy customers. Try these marketing tech-tics and make your 2018 Christmas holidays a memorable event.

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