BigCommerce Merchants selling on Pinterest

July 21, 2016
BigCommerce Merchants selling on Pinterest

Pinterest, one of the highly potent ecommerce channels mainly focusing on photography and built-in merchandising now has its Pinterest buy pins letting users to buy items directly from Pinterest with just a few clicks. BigCommerce integration with Pinterest converts your products into buyable pins in just seconds thus giving you millions of active monthly users, 93% of the pinners planning purchases on Pinterest & 87% of making the purchase!

Pinterest for Bigcommerce Store is a great venture in view of Social shopping, one can know about & buy the products directly from Pinterest thus you see more conversions, products pinned from the store becomes buyable pins with no listing needed, one needn’t worry about shipping and payment details with such an optimised checkout saving time as well with completing the purchase in just 2 clicks!

So be Pinterest for Bigcommerce Store; but why should you use it? The detailed information in rich pins are known to be perfect for ecommerce due to the leads generated in addition to the traffic. 38-50% traffic increase has been found from Pinterest & more than 70% from Rich pins. Rich pins also gives information on price discount on products to the people who pinned the product which is like reminding the person to make the purchase thus getting you the leads.

To mention on a few stats, Out of the buyers, it is woman who account for 70% of the spending and more than 70% of the Pinterest users are females. The amount spent by the shoppers on products coming from Pinterest is more than that done on those coming from other social media sources & they stay on linked sites for a minimum of 15 minutes.

For BigCommerce, Rich pins are automatically enabled now & one can just turn on Pinterest share from the Settings menu post which products pinned using ‘Pin It’ on product pages would show the price and other product details to the user so the user gets it directly from Pinterest.

To make the best use of Pinterest-BigCommerce for eStore conversions, all you need to do is,

  • Sign up for an account in Pinterest,
  • Implement Pinterest analytics so you can track the generated traffic, most pinned items, famous pins on your site, and demographics of buyers,

You can enjoy the Free book selling on Pinterest too!

Hoping that you have gained something from us here on Pinterest buy pins for your online store, are you looking for a support in site customisation, store migration, design assistance from experts, sell support in mobiles, product export/import, secure cart & check out implementation or any other services for your ecommerce store? Ask us now!

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