Benefits of having Live Chat on your ecommerce store

June 28, 2016

Gaining an edge in any of the product/service delivery is absolutely necessary for a business to stay ahead in the market. Having the live chat feature in the estore and having the ecommerce platform make the provision for it is one of those check points which a business should note in view to increase online store conversions.

The rise in online transactions today is attributed to the increased usage of internet; the rise in need for businesses to have responsive estores is attributed to the increased usage of mobiles/tablets; on a similar note, rise in customer expectations from the online stores is attributed to the advancements in technology and the need every single customer has with respect to buying/selling products. Online customer support by way of a live chat, in addition to the existing mail support and phone support, for queries/for giving details on services for online store/any information, is one of such sales & support tool every customer expects out of ecommerce stores today.

To mention on the merits of having the live chat feature in your website,

  • More than 40% of the customers feel good when their queries are answered then and there while they are in the middle of shopping in the estore, simply because they love immediate help given without having to go through multiple options on the way to reach the CC member or having to wait for hours together staring at the mail box or at the inbox for a resolution!
  • Average interaction costs lowered by way of live chats; Also efficiency of live chat care members are improved when they attend to multiple customers simultaneously in a chat. This is an aspect of process improvement as well as a way towards increasing the sales!
  • One of the well-known American international banking & financial services company headquartered in California confirms higher customer satisfaction rates and higher conversions have been seen attending to customers via an instant chat taking them through the shopping cart till checkout! Not just that, recommendation of additional product/service buy becomes very easy for an employee with that customer who has gained a great & quick support from him!
  • A study at the world’s most flexible omni channel solution states Chat, Video Chat, Mobile-Aware Chat Windows, Layered Chat Windows, Floating chat button, Manual proactive chat invitations, and Operator Custom Chat Wrap-Up among the ‘right’ features a business must have, at the right prices for a site of any size, in order to walk towards providing an excellent customer service!
  • Converting customer pain point into profits for the business should be the smartness of a marketing team! Live chats provide customers an immediate help on their pain points and thus the business wins the customer trust; also the business gets to know what all a customer expects & how the site can be improved!

How should your live chat support people be?

  • Clear in website navigation & functionality
  • Should cover the time additional to the routine shopping hours
  • Make sure to talk pleasing with the customer
  • Make sure they know sales plus CC services
  • Make sure they project the company’s Facebook post/shares to the customer
  • Make sure to have font/colour/kind of features in the chat window!

If you are on look-out for support in integrating live chat module to your ecommerce website or for any other service with respect to web design for estores, contact us right now for you get the best from us at QeRetail!

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