American payment gateways supported by Shopify


Shopify payments introduced by Shopify this November comes as a solution to manage payment gateways for Estore/ eCommerce stores, in Shopify user dashboard itself. 70 major payment gateways all over the world are supported to accept any credit card in place! PayPal,, amazon payments and a lot are supported. Managing money in real time very conveniently in the dashboard, without having to launch the gateway site and go through a series of steps to get to the right page, is a great feature included.

The happier news follows: payout schedule is shown to you transparently in the dashboard, complete waiver of transaction fee on money transfer to the bank, no hidden charges on gateway fee, charge backs are smartly handled in the dashboard without having to go through lengthy procedures in PayPal or so, having backup payment options is possible, and finally instant approvals from Shopify makes your online store setup experience altogether a great one you can ever imagine!

To mention on the Major payment gateways supported in United States, by Shopify, call it “Shopify payment gateways”, 2checkout, Affirm, Alipay Global, Amazon Payments,, Beanstream, BitPay, Chase Paymentech (Orbital), Coinbase, CyberSource, Dwolla, E-xact, Elavon Converge, First Data Payeezy, FirstData US, FuturePay, G2A Pay, GoCoin, IATS Payments, Ignite Payments, LAY-BUY Powered by PayPal, Merchant e-Solutions, Network Merchants, Secure pay, USA EPAy, CyberSource, Ignite Payments and a lot other payment gateways are supported by Shopify in United States.

Lets take a look at a few of them on stands of their unique offerings.

  • With, credit card processing is secure and straight. Integrating this with any U.S. business is possible with Shopify
  • With CyberSource, global processing of payments is achieved; managed billing, multicurrency capabilities, real-time tax calculations, detailed reporting and reconciliation are included in the pack
  • Scalability, excellent processing speed, great security, varied solutions for varied businesses are uniquely given by First Data US
  • Cost and reliability is the crown feature of First Data Payeezy. Shopping carts, special payment checkout pages, high security, payment manager realtime are some added specialties.
  • E-xact offers recurring billing, customisable payment pages, customer support all time and great security.

The list doesn’t end here but a lot other international gateways for Canada, Australia, Newzealand, Norway, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Russia and more are supported.

What other feature can you make the best use of?

  • Dashboard makes tracking the balance and payment schedule easier all the time.
  • Alerts in mails, whenever funds are put into the bank account, can be set.
  • Payment details could be synchronised with the orders within the Shopify itself
  • Automatic response to charge backs in a single click saves time
  • Set up is instantaneous with no third party support needed!

What more can we expect to make our lives easier for payment gateways!

Having said, hope we could help you gain an insight on payment gateway services by Shopify. Integrating gateways with the dashboard centralised is really exciting because all you need is time saving and you get it here along with efficiency! If you require details on custom provided for this set up and much more in eCommerce, ask us and now!