What is BigCommerce Stencil and Why You Should be Using it Right Away

March 14, 2018
Bigcommerce stencil

Bigcommece’s Stencil is a completely new theming engine allowing developers to create dynamic and customized templates for the Bigcommerce store.

With Stencil, Bigcommerce has big plans to create state-of-the-art next generation Bigcommerce websites. Stencil provides exclusive customization capabilities and freedom to tweak and peek into the core design.

Now, Stencil here provides some key components for developers and merchants alike. With front-end customization access, both, developers as well as merchants can change their theme. No prior coding knowledge is required.

What are the core benefits of Bigcommerce Stencil?

  • Stencil doesn’t require a developer certification or needs you to depend on an agency to make any changes to your website.
  • Companies or online retailers can themselves change, tweak or improve their website’s look and feel without having to rely on an agency.
  • Stencil is dynamic. Meaning, one can create logic within sites with the help of ‘handlebars’ language. This helps users create only one template that can do multiple tasks.
  • In it’s first, Stencil provides merchants and companies with unique custom capabilities and freedom in SaaS for the very first time.

What does Bigcommerce Stencil has to offer?

  • Stencil Framework and Developer Toolkit: Developers can design and iterate themes locally while having full access to all assets. With the new sophisticated toolkit merchant’s live storefront stays intact with no impact.
  • Theme Marketplaces: Developers can easily distribute themes to multiple sellers with the theme marketplace. Agencies and designers can build a profitable business model around Stencil theme that involves creation and conversion.
  • Theme Editor: With theme editor at your disposal, you don’t need any prior knowledge of coding. This simple graphical tool allows you to make any changes to the store’s front-end quickly, without a glitch. Change the look and feel of your website with just a few simple clicks.

Looking forward to integrating Bigcommerce Stencil on your store? Well, that’s a great idea.

Get in touch with us and we can help you seamlessly integrate Stencil on your existing store.

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