A Resource Guide on How to Sell Cakes Online!

January 22, 2024

Bake, Box, and Bank: Your Guide to Selling Cakes and Baked Goods Online! 

The aroma of freshly baked bread wafting through the air, the sight of colorful cupcakes lined up like tiny soldiers, the melt-in-your-mouth satisfaction of a perfectly frosted cake. 

These are the joys of baking. You can share them with the world (and make a profit!) by selling your delicious baked creations online.

So, this Chocolate Cake Day, which is on January 27th, make a resolution to achieve your baking dreams. Start with your thing. Follow your baking passion. 

Whether you’re a home baker with a dream or a small bakery looking to expand your reach, the internet offers a sweet opportunity to turn your passion into a thriving business. 

But navigating the online world can be tricky, especially with regulations, marketing, and logistics to consider. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back!

We have compiled for you the ultimate resource guide to sell online cakes. 

So, preheat your oven, grab your mixing bowl, and let’s get baking!

Laying the Foundation: Essential Steps Before You Sell Cakes Online

On your journey of how to sell cakes online, these are your very first steps.

Know Your Legal Stuff

Each state has different regulations for cottage food businesses (selling homemade goods). Familiarize yourself with the USDA guidelines and your state’s specific laws to ensure you’re operating legally. Check out this helpful resource from the Small Business Administration.

Branding is Key

Develop a unique brand identity that reflects your bakery’s personality and sets you apart from the competition. Design a logo, choose consistent colors and fonts, and craft a tagline that captures the essence of your treats.

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Pick your Platform, An Online Shop to Sell Your Cakes and Baked Goods

There are numerous options for setting up your online shop. Consider your budget, technical skills, and target audience when making your choice.

Create your Own Online Cake Shop

Marketplaces To Sell Your Cakes Online

  • Etsy: Ideal for home bakers selling smaller batches and unique creations. Great for customization and building a dedicated customer base.
  • Goldbelly: A curated marketplace specializing in regional food specialties, including gourmet cakes. Perfect for established bakeries with distinctive offerings and national reach.
  • Amazon Handmade: Similar to Etsy, but within the Amazon ecosystem. Can reach a larger audience, but fees might be higher.
  • Wedding Wire: It’s crucial to note that merely having a listing isn’t enough. Consistent and active marketing is key to maximizing their potential for your business.
  • Facebook and Instagram: These social media giants are powerful tools for promoting your business. However, having a presence alone won’t suffice. Ensure that you actively market your business on both Facebook and Instagram to leverage their reach and engagement.

Building Your Ideal Online Bakery

Here are some tips to help you build an irresistible online bakery. 

High-quality Visuals are Essential

Invest in good photography and videography to showcase your cakes and baked goods in their mouthwatering glory. Use natural light, capture different angles, and don’t forget to show off the textures and details that make your creations special.

Here are some resources you can help with the best cake and baked goods photography.

Write Irresistible Descriptions

Your product descriptions should be more than just a list of ingredients. 

Tell a story, highlight unique flavors and textures, and use evocative language that makes potential customers’ mouths water. 

Think “luscious lemon cake bursting with sunshine” instead of “lemon cake with flour, sugar, and eggs.”

For Shopify cake store owners, you can use the AI product description generator by Shopify for your baked goods. For others, you can surely use ChatGPT, Bard, Jasper, and many other free generative AI for product descriptions. 

Make it Easy to Buy

Your online store should be user-friendly and intuitive. Ensure smooth navigation, a clear checkout process, and multiple payment options for a seamless shopping experience. 

Create professional invoices and contracts in seconds, get paid faster, and stay organized with automatic payment reminders with Square

Pricing and Order Management for Your Online Bakery

Ditch the spreadsheet jungle and messy calculations. Enter Bake Diary, your new secret weapon for effortless pricing, streamlined orders, and happy customers.

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Marketing Your Online Cake Shop

If you bake it, you show it to sell it!

Social Media is Your Friend 

Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok are fantastic platforms to connect with potential customers. Share mouthwatering photos and videos, post behind-the-scenes glimpses, and run engaging contests and giveaways.

Content is king (or queen)

Start a blog or write guest posts for food websites. Share baking tips, recipes, and stories about your passion for baking. This will help you build an audience and establish yourself as an expert.

Local love

Partner with local cafes, coffee shops, or restaurants to offer your baked goods. Attend farmers’ markets and community events to get your name out there and build relationships with potential customers.

Now that you’ve got the fundamentals covered let’s explore some additional strategies to help your online bakery rise to the top!

Sweeten the Deal: Promotions and Customer Loyalty

Run limited-edition offers and seasonal specials

Keep your customers engaged with new flavors and unique creations. Offer discounts on bulk orders or bundle different baked goods for a special price.

Reward loyalty

Implement a loyalty program or offer exclusive deals to repeat customers. This incentivizes them to come back for more and build a strong community around your brand.

Collaborate with other businesses

Partner with local restaurants, coffee shops, or event planners to offer your treats in their establishments. This expands your reach and taps into new customer bases.

Beyond Cakes: Expanding Your Offerings and Marketing Them

Cater to dietary needs

Offer gluten-free, vegan, or sugar-free options to cater to a wider audience. This shows inclusivity and attracts customers with specific dietary preferences.

Get creative with flavors and textures

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Play with unique flavor combinations, try new decorating techniques, and offer customized options to cater to individual tastes.

Think beyond cakes

Diversify your offerings and appeal to a wider range of customers. Take care of seasonal trends.

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Building a Lasting Legacy: Sustainability and Growth

Source responsibly

Choose sustainable ingredients and packaging whenever possible. This aligns with your values, attracts eco-conscious customers, and reduces your environmental impact.

Give back to the community

Partner with local charities or organizations to offer your baked goods for a good cause. This builds goodwill and strengthens your brand’s connection to the community.

Invest in yourself and your business

Never stop learning! Attend baking workshops, take online courses, and invest in professional development to keep your skills sharp and your business innovative.

Conclusion: Remember, Baking is a Journey, Not a Destination

Building a successful online bakery takes time, dedication, and a sprinkle of creativity. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks; learn from your mistakes, adapt to changing trends, and keep your passion for baking burning bright. With the right tools, strategies, and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit, you can turn your delicious creations into a thriving online business that brings joy to every bite.

So, preheat your oven, grab your whisk, and get ready to bake your way to online success!

And if you ever need any help on your journey of how to sell cakes online, feel free to contact QeRetail. We are happy to be your eCommerce expert partners. 

Get a Free eStore Design Mockup

Upgrade your website's appearance with our service. Get a free mockup to see the difference.

  • Sleek and Modern Layout
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