9 ideas to start blogging on your ecommerce site

July 14, 2016
9 ideas to start blogging on your ecommerce site

The brilliance of blogging begins once you have a great content to go on. Believe us when we say, search engines rush the traffic to your online store to that blog page you just designed, that’s because a blog site indicates how fresh and updated your site is. There isn’t a bigger mention than to say blogs are one of the best in marketing online stores, improving SEO, letting you share stories of you and the business to people, increasing the social engagement you have, and even getting you more connected with the news agents who are seen as the most credible sources of business information! It’s not a hyperbole to say blogs are highly connected to ecommerce site conversions.

We wouldn’t call it bragging but it’s your confidence to talk about your business when you share in Facebook or tweet on it. But do you think there’s no limit to the number of shares or number of tweets you can make? No! When you blog, you have more scope to show your business in Facebook or Twitter for more number of times, that blogs add to a much effective way of marketing online stores, which means you have more readers/more visitors to the ecommerce store which goes on a positive note towards eStore conversions.

Ecommerce branding via blogs is a great way of marketing and the whole endeavour has an enormous positive image for the entire business.

Not just about your own business, you may even give thoughts to including ecommerce specific values/news or anything you think may add a value to the store owners worldwide or to the ecommerce professionals or to the public interested in knowing about ecommerce! All you should target is a quality ecommerce blog where you may talk about anything that shows your expertise in ecommerce! KISSMetrics is one such known effectively running blog site.

Having a blog site doesn’t mean you have to post every day but every time you post it should have a great content worth the time of yours and that of the readers’! Such a blog site here has been crowned as one among the top 15 entrepreneur blogs worth the world famous Wall Street Journal read!

To list out on what you can blog about,

  1. A shorter version or an enhanced version of your ‘About us’ page
  2. Products, make and features
  3. Videos or clips on products’ usage
  4. Offers or deals you may have
  5. Conferences or business meets you are taking part
  6. General advice on anything in ecommerce supported by substantiate facts
  7. Company success stories
  8. Talks even on good news from other companies in the industry once sought the needed permissions
  9. Something that’s interesting to the readers, need not be in ecommerce sometimes, may be even in social responsibility perspective!

If you are looking for great ideas on getting started with the blog site or building a complete blog site from scratch or enhance the existing blog site or just Blogger template designs or any, ask us right now!

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