8 Reasons to Use Bing Ads Right Now

bing ads

Google totally dominates the search and paid advertising channels one of the reason, we more often than not overlook Bing. Yes, I understand you want better conversions and higher quality paid traffic. And with Bing, you actually receive that. Yes, you heard me right. By using, you can leverage on lower CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per acquisition) for one simple reason— lesser competition.

For those who still don’t know Bing ads, let me introduce it to you— Bing is an alternative to Microsoft and Yahoo’s alternative platform trying to compete with Google Adwords. The advantage using Bing Ads is you can leverage two search engines- Bing and Yahoo.

Sadly, many advertisers undermine Bing Ads. Bing PPC term has never been mentioned by many marketing gurus, but today this blog post will change your thoughts. This will give you enough reasons to vouch for Bing a part of your digital strategy.

8 Reasons You Should Use Bing Ads

1. Bing Ads help you reach 33 percent of US customers

Yes, this is correct! People searching on Bing and Yahoo are shown advertisements powered by Bing Ads.  Don’t miss out on the potential business among those using search engines other than Google!

According to ComScore, Bing receives a month. Don’t miss out on the potential business among those using search engines other than Google!

2. Less competition

Like I already said, many marketers prefer to use and ignore Bing Ads. So while your competitors are busy advertising on Google, you can leverage their loss for your advantage by using Bing Ads. Sine competition is lower in Bing, it becomes much easy to get the desired traffic. Along with that, running a Bing PPC campaign will not burn a hole in your pocket!

3. The power of 3 search engines packed in one

Google has just 1 search engine while Bing has 3— Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. This means you can connect with a large audience and can also expect larger click-through rates.

4. Drive more for less money

Since few advertisers bid on Bing, you will pay less for a click on that keywords, unlike AdWords. Apparently, you drive much more traffic, sales and leads for your campaigns.

5. Targeting mobile users effectively

Bing allows you to target specific devices based on their type and OS. For example, if you target demographic favoring a particular OS, or your product is focused on the mobile device, you can serve highly targeted Ads.

6. Transparent platform

Bing is completely transparent for giving account details right from impressions to conversions to their partners. You can trust Bing Ads without giving a single thought.

7. Bing has automated rules

Bing Ads automated rules let you manage your accounts with ease. Automated rules let you set some specific terms and conditions for your Ad campaigns. Users can change bids, status, budget etc for campaigns. Bing Ads let you save a lot of time which otherwise would have invested in launching new campaigns on new platforms.

8. Better ROI

Campaigns in Bing Ads have a tendency to be more effective as they get higher click-through rates (CTR) with a lower cost per click (CPC); this normally gives better ROI.
Bing guarantees better results while making the most of your investments. Mobile search advertisements are more focused and you can get the desired results.

    Start your new year with Bing Ads

Give it a shot to Bing Ads. Bing Ads are exactly what you might look for in PPC campaigns. So if you have a budget for online advertising, then you must opt for Bing Ads. You’ll be able to reach people who are not using Google for their online searches. Bing Ads makes possible to tap markets which are untapped for long.