7 Ways to Enhance eCommerce Security and Create a Reliable Online Store

eCommerce Security

As an online retailer, it becomes significant to consider eCommerce security as a priority. A secure online store is not only beneficial for your business but a must requirement for your customers.

If your customers’ data falls into wrong hands and gets misused, it would be a troublesome situation for your customer which can have an adverse effect on your brand reputation.

Nearly have already suffered revenue losses as a result of a cyberattack

Here we have gathered some simple ways to from hacking and other malicious activities if followed, you can have a safe and secure online store and sustain your brand reputation –

Online Store Encryption

Most of the online stores are using SSL encryption technology to keep their store secure. To protect your shoppers’ data, it becomes mandatory to use SSL encryption for all pages of your online store and not only on the checkout page.

Encrypted data even if stolen cannot be read and so it makes your online store highly secure and reliable.

Two-Step Authentication Required

Provide an option of two-step authentication to your customers. Even if the password gets stolen, your customer should not be able to login without second step authentication which can be an OTP sent on their mobile.

Just enable two-step authentication on your online store and keep your customers’ data safe and secure.

Keep your Devices Encrypted

You need to be careful with the data or auto-filled passwords on your laptop and mobile phones. Keep your devices encrypted, as in case those devices get stolen, your data doesn’t get accessed and used against you or your customers.

Keeping devices encrypted means the data cannot be read without a special information for example – password.

Updated Software

Keep your operating system, web browser, and software updated to avoid clicking on fake and malicious links. This step is the easiest thing which can be done to protect your online store from getting hacked and malicious attacks.

Robust Firewall

Having a robust firewall is very important for eCommerce sites as they receive a high amount of inbound traffic. A strong firewall would protect your network or system from malicious traffic.

Ignore Suspicious Emails

If you open a suspicious email, it can cause the virus to enter your server. The best thing to do would be to directly delete the emails which you find suspicious.

Educate your Employees

All your efforts to secure your online store can go in vain if you have not educated your employees to follow the best practices. They should have a complete training regarding how to protect your customers’ sensitive data. You can lose the trust of your customers if you lack to protect their data, so need to be extra careful in that.

Conclusion: eCommerce Security Can Never Be Ignored

All the above steps if followed can make the task of securing your online store easier. If it still sounds daunting, is there to help. Just get in touch with us and we would take care of your online store security, whereas you can focus on selling at the same time.