7 reasons to facelift your eCommerce site

Having the online site given a facelift at definite intervals, taking the statistics of mobile traffic from google analytics, & having a user friendly eStore is more important than just having responsive websites, be it for any ecommerce platform built using any ecommerce software, as in volusion or bigcommerce. Businesses reaching heights being made possible by the countless ecommerce trends makes it necessary for the best CMS using Magento/more.

To mention on the reasons/check points from which/when to decide on redesign estores, below are the few main pointers:

  1. Slow load: Web page load speed when slow, it obviously isn’t a good user experience and puts the customer off. If the load time exceeds 4-5 seconds, abandonment is sure says the research. Image size, poor coding and a lot more might be the reason behind, watch out.

  2. Search engines not recognizing the site: SERPs is very important for conversions. If your website isn’t returned in the results, could be because the content, as in the product description or the offer content or any isn’t unique. Picking up the existing content from the manufacturer site or monotonous wording isn’t the Google love and you are pushed back. Google knowing the indexed pages of your site is necessary, use canonical tags; make sure of a good coding, logical urls, support blogs, pay per click checked, connect with the media and having mobile friendly sites.

  3. Old designs: Glossy, bright colored reflecting, shadow-embed, fantasy type designs aren’t any customer loved ones today. Ensuring to have a well laid out website with white spaces managed, right fonts and colors, great UI and the best features in all aspects is a must!

  4. Poor CMS: Content management is extremely necessary having a lot of competitors providing the same/similar services. Slow load of images, no update made to images or product descriptions or prices or banners for a week or more isn’t a classy website. Daily basis CMS is a must, make a note!

  5. Outdated features: Broken links, unclear images or futile buttons annoy the users. Features that aren’t up to the mark or not serving the purpose they are meant to do are a threat to the business. Heat maps give the details of the portions of the website least/most clicked & so. Make sure to have a check.

  6. Complex/poor usability: User friendly site is not a luxury but a necessity in order to invite the users to your site. Huge length drop downs in the home page, complex check out, complicated navigation are all some root causes leading to cart abandonment in web. Non responsive websites, big scroll, unclear font are all some root causes for a poor conversion in mobile. Make sure to create a great usability in web & in hand held devices.

  7. Cart abandonment: When you notice a high cart abandonment rate, it means you ought to immediately work on redesigning the website. Adding to cart, CTA, payment and checkout are the basic steps of an ecommerce purchase and if these aren’t user friendly makes the users walk away. Ensure to check on them; have guest check out possible as well.

All the goals of a business have their success factor in the user satisfaction. It is extremely necessary to design the responsive web designs/ to suit the customer needs and constantly redesign it to keep up with the trends to have a healthy competition in the world of service providers. If on a look out for such best services,