7 Best Hosted eCommerce Solutions for Small Businesses

7 Best Hosted eCommerce Solutions for Small Businesses

Every small business looks forward to create a mark in the market as quick as possible, irrespective of providing services or selling products or supporting digital requirements of people & other businesses or any. Having an estore is a must for any business; the question here is if you need a designer hired for the same or you can do it yourself. How to choose an ecommerce platformwhat are the best ecommerce solutions? Read on.

Having a store with the best design and possibilities is what every business targets. The below 7 ecommerce platforms have been rated the best,


  • An ecommerce solution that looks great, works satisfactorily meeting all the needs
  • Pricing plans are available for every size of business, you may take a look
  • An excellent UI and UX user friendly eStore without no unnecessary clicks makes it stand apart
  • User friendly eStore solution for beginners and customizable options for the pros
  • Easy integration with CMS like Joomla & WordPress
  • Good bandwidth and live chat support is a highlight!


  • Extremely simple to search & add items!
  • Easy to set up and use, robust, all-in-one, great for small size businesses and established ones as well
  • Smart marketing features as in deals, wish lists, gift cards and more
  • Easy to use web designs, cart themes, order management support
  • MyRewards, SmartMatch, One-page checkout are some highlights worthy of all
  • Easy to host!


  • Highly suitable for small businesses to construct scalable stable online stores
  • Provision of website name, domain, highly protected shopping cart, product catalog, payment gateways, marketing support tools, mobile optimization responsive eStores/ mobile friendly eStore are highly notable features!
  • Single click store, good SEO capabilities, excellent social media connect, easy app integration are some of the features businesses primarily look at and find it here
  • Isn’t it nice to know there isn’t any transaction fee?


Offering responsive designs is the highlight of this solution. Social media connect, free plan upto a limited number (10) products, mobile management capabilities are all other good points to be noted!


Great customization options & excellent customer support makes it to the top 7 preferred solutions. Good reporting options, shipping charge calculator, SEO features, any number of products at every price cadre, product roadmap are other notable features!


Being the best for beginners, with the provision of logistics for tax, shipping and payment settings has made this to the list. Gift designing, Google analytic support, SSL protection, language translation are other noteworthy points on it.


Good for novices, with features for tracking shipment, SEO, digital support, tax calculation, wait list support, customizing invoices.

While the choices are plenty, it lies in a good amount of effort that gives you clarity on what suits your business at the best. For assistance in customization of themes, for making changes to the existing design or for the set up of the entire or for anything in ecommerce, .