6 Ways to Utilize Wish Lists for your Holiday Marketing Strategies

August 26, 2017
Holiday Marketing Strategies

Wish list is considered as a highly effective tool used by the online shoppers to save their desired products which they are not ready to buy in that shopping session. There may be various reasons due to which those products have been moved to the wish list by the shoppers –

  • The item is out-of-stock.
  • The price has been perceived by the shoppers to be too high.
  • The shoppers are in some dilemma at that time.

The buyers are given the facility of adding the products to their personal wish list which can not be bought at that time by the online stores to provide better shopping experience. But, the wish list is not just for the shoppers, it is a great “OPPORTUNITY” for online stores too.

As per National Retail Federation, 63% buyers said “YES” when they were asked – Would you like to utilize more retailer online wish lists or registries for gift purchasing in the future?

National Retail Federation Survey
Image Source : National Retail Federation

We all love sales and especially if it is festival season approaching very soon, we keep on looking for new holiday marketing tips to improve sales over our online stores. Isn’t it? Utilizing wish lists in holiday marketing campaigns would be another idea which we would like to share here. Let’s know how we can move the items from wish lists to the ordered items list in this very soon approaching holiday season –

Send Reminder Emails

The best way in which you can remind your customers about their wish list is through emails. When holidays are just around the corner, people might be looking forward to more shopping either for themselves or gifting their near and dear ones. This would be the right time to get a holiday email marketing campaign designed especially targeting those customers who have created a wish list on your store. Reminding them about the products they have left on their wish list can simulate them to buy those products and thus, you can improve sales and grow your online business this holiday season.

Back in Stock Notifications

Many times, your customers have kept some items in wish list because those items are out-of-stock in your store. So, the holiday season would be the right time to get those products in stock as soon as possible and notify the customers through email or SMS that those items are back in stock. People might have started shopping for this upcoming holiday season and when they come to know that their wish list products are back, they might want to buy them. When you are notifying your customers about products which are back in stock, just keep the message to the point and avoid stuffing email, SMS or mobile notification with other distractions like “latest offers” or “newly arrived products” to achieve desired sales goals.

Discount on Wish List Items

As you know the holiday season is approaching and you might be introducing discounts on many of your items. You can send personalized emails or mobile notifications to your customers informing them about the reduced price for their wish list items. This can definitely help you in multiplying your sales as many customers move their products to wish list because they think that the item price is too high and wait for the discount to be allowed on the same item.

Create Anxiety of Missing Out an Item

When you know what your customers like and want, it becomes easy for you to sell those items. You can notify your customers that the items in their wish list are soon going out-of-stock or those items are on discount for the last day. This would create anxiety of missing out an item in the minds of the customers and stimulate them to buy that particular item. Especially, in this upcoming festival season when competition is going to be fierce, this would be one of the most smart holiday marketing strategies to improve sales.

Social Networking

Many online stores show number of people added their specific products on their wish list. So, to improve sales in this holiday season, you can display this information on your social media pages and attract the attention of even new buyers. Showing the number of people adding your items to the wish list would also increase the trust of buyers towards your brand and draw their attention towards your products.


Have you ever experienced the items which you have added to your wish list being showed to you on every website you visit? Now, this is known as re-marketing. To get started, you need to first analyze which products the visitor has added in their wish list and after that create unique and personalized ads to convince the visitors to buy these products. Let’s say you want to increase sales during this holiday season, then you can start re-marketing the products which your are in your customers’ wish lists in the form of holiday theme designed ads. This would remind your customers to buy even those products which they had left in their wish list long back.

Are you using this “opportunity in disguise” in your holiday marketing strategies?

So, now what are we waiting for, just start tracking what your customers like and promote those products using above-mentioned tactics to grow your sales this holiday season.

But, yes every business is different and marketers use different holiday marketing strategies every year to lead the competition. Just go through the results of the previous festival season and analyze what works best for you to prepare perfect holiday marketing strategies which suit your business.

If you have planned out-of-the-box holiday marketing strategies which can help to improve sales, please share with us in the comments below!

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