6 Steps to Plan a Perfect Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaign

Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaign

Are you losing a lot of sales due to shopping cart abandonment? As per the , average shopping cart abandonment rate is 65.23%. This means 65 people out of 100 people coming to your online store for purchase did not complete the checkout process.

Cart abandonment may seem to be a problem for you but if you think with an optimistic approach, it can be an opportunity to improve sales over your online store. Do you want to know how?

Just go through below mentioned highly effective methods of recovering abandoned shopping carts –

Implement Exit Pop-ups

As soon as your visitor leaves your online store abandoning the shopping cart, you can stop them from exiting at that time itself. Get an attractive exit pop-up displayed providing them an extra coupon code or anything which can tempt them to buy from your store.

This is the best way to connect with your visitors even when you don’t have their contact details like email id or phone number. Moreover, it can be the cheapest and fastest method of recovering abandoned carts. Just ensure that –

  • Attractive content and images (if possible use product images abandoned by the visitor) are included in the exit pop-ups.
  • Tempting offers like extra discounts, free shipping, return policy, cash back, etc., are included in the pop-ups.
  • The pop-up content includes humor, urgency and a strong call to action which encourage visitors to return back to the shopping cart and make a purchase.

Use Remarketing Technique

Have you ever experienced that the items you left out in the cart on any store gets displayed on any blog sites, social networking sites, etc., you visit?

That is remarketing. It is a proven successful method of bringing back the visitors who have abandoned the shopping carts to your online store. Keep on reminding your visitors about the products they liked by displaying remarketing ads on the websites they visit frequently and encourage them to purchase from your store.

Send Push Notifications

Push notifications can be a great way of reminding people about their favorite products they left out in the shopping cart. If your customers have got your mobile store app installed on their smartphones, you can send push notifications regularly to grab their attention and convince them to get back to their abandoned shopping carts.

Similarly, web push notifications can also be sent if you don’t have an application developed for your online store or your customers have not downloaded your mobile store app.

Push notifications are a great way to send a message to the customers on a real-time basis which is better than emails as there is an unpredictable time between sending the email and customer reading it.

Lower Down the Product Price

After so many efforts, if your lost shoppers still do not seem to return back to their abandoned shopping carts and make purchases, you need not get disappointed.

Maybe they like the products which they have abandoned but they expect to avail extra discount on the same products.

You can lower down the price of the products in abandoned shopping carts and inform your customers about the same to win back the sales.

Send Persuading Emails

Sending emails to the customers displaying the products which they have left in their abandoned shopping carts is a sure fire way to bring them back to your store and encourage them to purchase.

Sending these emails in a timely manner is quite crucial. A study by revealed that 54% of abandoned carts could be successfully recovered within first hours post abandonment, another 10% was recovered within 48 hours and 82% was recovered within a week.

So, now it can be understood from this data that sending follow-up emails on time is very significant.

Not only that, your email should be designed in an attractive manner which can persuade your customers to return back to their abandoned shopping carts.

Integrate Live Chat

Many times it happens that your customers have some queries regarding your products after adding them to the shopping cart. When they find no one to answer to those queries instantly, they quit the shopping cart without buying those products.

In this case, if you have done for your online store, you can ensure that your customers’ queries are solved on a real-time basis and that can reduce abandoned cart instances up to a certain extent.

Consider Including Call to Action

So, many different ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment are on your checklist now. But, just don’t forget to include an attractive call to action in your emails, push notifications, pop-ups, remarketing ads, etc. to get desired results.

Test to Plan a Successful Abandoned Cart Recovery Campaign

Whether you want to use all of the above ways to or the combination of few of them, it would always be better to test each method to plan the strategy which works best for you – sending a single email or setting up pop-up as soon as the customer abandons a cart without purchasing.

It is not at all essential to use all the abandoned cart recovery methods, but the more you use the better results you would experience in terms of sales and profitability of your online business.