4 eCommerce Digital Marketing Mistakes That Can Kill Your Profits

eCommerce Digital Marketing Mistakes

As per , by 2020, eCommerce sale is expected to exceed 4000 billion dollars. If you compare to 2016 eCommerce sale which was around 1900 billion dollars, you would be surprised to see such a drastic growth. Isn’t it?

eCommerce is really growing consistently and at the same time becoming highly competitive too. In order to sustain this competition and get ahead, there is a weapon named “digital marketing.”

Unfortunately, many of the eCommerce marketers make some digital marketing mistakes and then wonder why are they not achieving their sales goals.

Here, we have listed down some eCommerce digital marketing mistakes and know how they should be avoided –

Messed Up Email Marketing Strategy

If you are not getting the response to your emails as per your expectations, then for sure there is something wrong with your email marketing strategy.

One of the most common mistakes the companies do is that their email subject line and content is too much of sales oriented. Sending unrealistic discount deals in emails would do nothing but just increase your bounce rate. Next time if the customer sees your email, they would just delete your email without even opening it.

Send an email which adds some value to the customer. Just don’t pitch sales. Address to your buyers’ problems and suggest the solutions. Straightaway talking about a discounted price is not going to work anymore.

Moreover, many eCommerce companies don’t include an attractive call to action in their emails and so are not able to hit their goal effectively.

Step into the shoes of your customers, get complete information about your buyers’ persona and craft a perfect email marketing strategy which is effective and can attract quality traffic to your website.

Well, email marketing is quite an exhaustive subject and so you can go through these , which may help you in achieving your sales goals.

Ignoring Social Media

Many companies just ignore social media thinking that it would not help in ranking the website and the traffic. The companies which do market on social media do it the wrong way. Again, similar to email marketing they just try to sell their products and services by mentioning the discount offers.

Social Media Marketing should start with being “Social” with your customers. While social networking, you need to try to solve the problems of your potential customers instead of selling them the products or services. Educate your followers about what you are providing instead of mere selling.

Moreover, the eCommerce companies often don’t know what their buyers are looking for in their social posts. This means that the results tracking is not being done properly and the companies are just sticking on to the failed social media practices.

Just get social with your followers and instead of marketing your products and services, try to provide them maximum information about what you are providing to get best results out of your social media marketing campaigns.

Not Giving Importance to Visuals

Visual is very much important especially if you are into eCommerce business. Consumers these days are just blind to content. They judge an online store by its visuals.

So, whether you are sending an email or posting an update on social networking platform, ensure that it is visually attractive.

Moreover, keep your website aesthetically attractive and responsive as your customers can visit your store from any platform or device.

Misconception :  SEO Doesn’t Exist Anymore

If you believe that SEO doesn’t exist anymore and is not working then it is a misconception. You might be not executing latest or effective SEO practices.

Just analyze and get to know the SEO efforts required by an eCommerce business to be successful. Also, go through Google Guidelines to get a right path to correct SEO.

You can go through these that need to be aware of and get to know the right SEO tactics relevant to your business.

Right eCommerce Digital Marketing Techniques

Whether you are new to digital marketing or an expert, you can make wrong digital marketing mistakes without even being aware of them. A single digital marketing mistake which might seem to be quite simple for you but can prove to be highly expensive for your business.

So, just research well and execute just the right digital marketing techniques for your eCommerce store to maximize sales and grow your business.