17 Rules| Follow to have successful ecommerce store

July 26, 2016
17 Rules Follow to have successful ecommerce store

To talk about a few checkpoints in view of making a successful ecommerce store that’s going to flood you with the best of ecommerce site conversions, first and foremost you make a note of is the launch point.

  1. Don’t ever rush to make the estore launch. All you have is a single chance at a single shot and why rush to make it faster rather than sensible & well-researched?
  2. Customer experience is the biggest driver of eStore conversions. Consider all that’s possible to give the best to the user; say offer prices, reduced or free shipping, optimised cart & checkout & more!
  3. Testing and analytics of all the features for ecommerce store is very important. Without doing a test or capturing the analytics data, you are never going to see from a customer view!
  4. Social media connect is the way by which you can get the biggest possible customer base or atleast a visitor base. Make sure you incorporate all the media share/connect features so as to reach most audience you target. Though you may have media teams, it’s good you get involved.
  5. Item review or feedback links, share post features and so let the users to share the details on your website to others. Don’t miss to have them. Don’t have them yet? Think of how to redesign the online store!
  6. With the people all over the world going mobile these days, it would be a big miss if you don’t make a responsive design. If you don’t have a mobile supporting site yet, you may have to facelift the eStore!
  7. A skilled SEO support team is very essential if you don’t have one yet, for today the businesses are facing a huge competition to stay on top of the SEO sites, in the rapidly growing economy.
  8. Collecting customer information is important to make future connects. But make sure you don’t overdo it.
  9. Make sure to have a clear navigation and a breadcrumb in every page to tell the inform the customer where he is.
  10. Don’t force the customers to click multiple back buttons; but make the navigation possible with the category bars.
  11. It’s always good to show every product on one single page rather than merging them up.
  12. Give users the option for refinement thus making their product look-out easier than they can imagine. Price, size, color could be some of the options.
  13. Make relevant distinct partitions when you clear filters or categories or sub-categories. Similar sounding/looking options are going to confuse people making them just close the site.
  14. When it comes to discount products, make sure you give all the details of what the discount is for and how much it is so they know what they save. Don’t expect just Maths experts to buy from you so they do the saving calculation themselves!
  15. Search field should be clearly seen and should be easy to spot.
  16. Show only the critical information in the product details while you say the others under “Other info”
  17. When product not in stock, inform it well before users try to click on “Add to cart”!

Shipping email, order details in the mail, clarity in delivery options and a lot more nuances are meant to be taken care to create the best of an ecommerce store. If you require assistance in the Facelift eStore services or anything in ecommerce, ask us now!

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