15 tips to win through mobile store

5 tips to win through mobile store

People are crazy over smart phones; while they walk in shopping centres or on roads or even in offices, they don’t miss to gaze into their mobiles. Almost 90% of the adults today own a smart phone, home broadband connections are switched on for the whole day and no smart phone is without a mobile data. So how to make use of this to get the best out of ecommerce store customers by genuine mobile marketing tactics? How a responsive website/ mobile friendly store can serve as a winning design for online stores?

  • Focus on showing product images alluring to the eye when you do the web design for mobiles or responsive web designs.
  • Make sure the navigation is easy.
  • Though it may be difficult to show the items as attractive as in physical shops; make sure to do your best in photography and design to create a wonderful look to the site.
  • Have you noted? Models look better in physical shops but the item on its own in close-up shots do a better job in images.
  • Location incorporation is very important in the estore to enable customers find their nearest store on basis of their location. This is termed as “Geolocation technology”
  • Not just for shopping but for blog reads and reading media file, people use mobiles. Optimising the design for the same is necessary.
  • Having social media buttons in more prominent positions than just in ‘help’ or ‘support’ is a wiser thought.
  • Giving customers the option to check in-store stock is a great idea.
  • Promoting similar products is a way of not losing the customer even if the actual product searched for is not in stock for the moment.
  • Order summary and guest checkout can be clubbed.
  • Pay pal and immediate delivery is great.
  • Make the emails to customers, mobile friendly so you achieve mobile marketing here.
  • Make sure to give all needed information to the customers on mobile.
  • Using QR code scan from mobiles for offers and possible things can be cool.
  • Showing customer reviews on mobile pages is a basic feature you can’t miss to have.

Having discussed on mobile optimisation for businesses in the age of springing technology, staying connected with customers is much easier to be honest in this way. But then to make app designs supporting all gadgets and bringing each and every part of your site neatly on these devices could be challenging. for of eStore services and related, and you’re ensured of an expert help!