12 Major eCommerce Catalog Management Challenges to Overcome

October 16, 2017
Product Information Management

In this cut-throat competitive world of online retail, one thing which can help you in leading the market is a systematic approach towards eCommerce catalog management.

Product catalog in an online store can make or break a business and thus the tasks to make it perfect become quite crucial.

30% of US online adults said that they would consider buying from an online retailer they had never previously purchased from, if the retailer offered detailed product information.

Here, we will discuss some major eCommerce catalog management challenges and the ways we can overcome them.

Regular Product Updates

With 1000s of SKUs on hand, it becomes quite difficult to update the details for each and every product on multiple marketplaces. Also, with regular updates in prices, variations, and other details it becomes quite time-consuming for online retailers to keep their stores streamlined. It becomes very important to regularly update the product information over your online stores so that wrong information is not passed to your customers and are misled unintentionally.

Optimizing Product Pages

Are your product pages listed on top in SERPs when relevant keywords are searched for by the users? If not, your product pages have not been optimized and made search engine friendly. The product details page requires having optimized content and proper metadata in order to get listed in SERPs. Setting up an online store and not optimizing product pages cannot get lucrative results and grow your online business.

Driving Traffic Through Shopping Engines

There are various shopping engines like Google Shopping, Shopzilla, etc., where people search for products. Thus, it becomes important to regularly update your product feed over multiple shopping engines to drive traffic and improve sales over your online store.

Multiple Marketplaces Management

Are you selling over multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Sears, etc.? If yes, then you must be knowing how tedious it is to update inventory and other product details over multiple marketplaces and maintain uniformity. For example, when a single item gets sold over Amazon, the inventory should get updated over other marketplaces too, to avoid overselling or low stock issues.

Editing Product Images

The visual presentation of products is extremely important for higher conversions. Adding specific effects to the product images adds an extra appeal to the overall product page on your online store. As this task is extremely time-consuming, it would be smart to hire a creative eCommerce catalog management company to get this done quickly and efficiently.

Product Catalog Listing

Deciding the proper order in which your products appear in your product catalog is extremely important. Interactive and intuitive indexing of products can be the key to the success of your online store. Help your customers in finding the items they are looking for easily as that can help your store in improvising sales.

Organizing Product Data

Duplicate content on two similar products can hinder search engine ranking for those products. So, it becomes extremely important to ensure that all the product pages have unique, relevant and attractive content. Moreover, consistent data over your entire store helps you in winning more customers.

Creative Product Sheet Design

Want to advertise a new product or best selling products? Enhance the products you want to sell by getting creative product sheets designed. Get these product sheets displayed on your store or send them to your present and potential customers through email or flyers to improve sales.

Integrate Social Media Stores

Selling through social media platforms can definitely help you in expanding your reach and grow sales over your store. But, managing your Facebook Store and synchronizing its inventory and other data with your online store may be challenging as it can consume a lot of your time. Availing specialized services in this field can relieve you from the hassles related to this task.

Competitors’ Price Analysis

To grow your sales, it is very important to know whether you are selling your products at competitive prices or not. Your customer is likely to move to another store if they find your price higher by even a single penny. Regular repricing your products after taking competitors’ prices into consideration is itself a challenge for online retailers.

Introducing New Deals

There may be various occasions and festivals when you would like to introduce new deals to your customers. In that case, designing banners, landing pages, etc., becomes quite important. Doing these tasks on a regular basis can be time-consuming and thus hiring specialized services for the same may be required to meet this challenge.

Planning Discount Coupon Strategy

The key to returning customers and retaining them is to provide attractive discounts on your products. You may have introduced discounts on your online store but have found pretty tedious to manage them for a high number of SKUs.

How to Tackle These eCommerce catalog management Challenges?

A single tool which can overcome all these challenges might be difficult to find. Each and every business is different, and so are the challenges associated with it. Thus, hiring a company offering all these services under one roof like QeRetail would be a smart decision.

QeRetail would handle all your responsibilities related to eCommerce product catalog management seamlessly so that you can focus on your core business and take your business to next level.

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