Use Abandoned Cart Emails to Recapture Lost Sales

Use Abandoned Cart Emails to Recapture Lost Sales

Responsive eStores are the most recommended today for the simple reason mobile customers are growing high in number and Google always fetches the best result producing ecommerce platforms to the top SERPs. Though you may have incorporated the best practices you may possibly know in design of an online store, there is no end to enhancements/further practices, all intended towards more & more conversions for the estore. In this context, it is the use of abandoned cart emails we are going to take a look at today. There may be numerous reasons as to why a customer leaves the shopping carts/site without completing the purchase; this scenario constitutes to 67% of the real time cases says a survey. Let’s see how reminder emails do add to the revenue bringing back the lost sales.

In the context, we have 2 terms to make a note of: Retargeting is using some tactics to bring back the customer to engage with the company where an FB ad could be of a help to remind him he left the site earlier, Remarketing is mainly for email messages to reengage the customers. The slightest difference between both is latter is mainly for customers who have expressed their big interest of buying things from you whereas former is more of a gentle reminder.

Out of the abandoned emails, 13% of them are opened and 1-3rd of them results in conversions says a study. Sadly mentioned in such a study is that most of the shop owners or businessmen are not aware of the importance of such emails & always assume the reason for abandonment negatively, that is the customer is unhappy with them.

What should the abandonment cart emails contain?

  • Make sure to list the items chosen & abandoned by the customer.
  • Make the email personalised so you can connect much better than when you send without a specific address.
  • Have a simple yet powerful subject line conveying what the mail is about
  • Good visual/body of the mail is important. Apt, crisp & convincing content is very important to convey the customer is important to you, you are concerned on why he left your site, you look forward to him coming back, you have kept his cart safe, he can approach you for any help in the regard and you convey the gratitude!
  • First email might not work sometimes. Have a series of abandonment emails sent in a frequency of 15 days or a month; to address the cases like a customer left the site because he was not sound financially at the moment but later feels the need for the item.
  • After 1-2 emails if there’s no response yet then it could be due to the item price. Try offering a discount at this point; don’t provide this at the first email itself.
  • Create the urgency in the customer by using terms like “Act fast to avail the offer”, “Make sure no one else grabs your item” or so.

Every customer is smart enough today, to know which email is legitimate, which has something in it for him, and which is just a time consuming piece of text. Believing you now know the importance of sending abandonment cart emails, the right email, at the right time, in right intervals, to the right person with the right content, and that they contribute to more than 10% of the sales lost earlier, if you require an assistance in such mail design or anything in web design, do !