Take advantage of holidays this season for your business

Secret For Holiday Sales Sucess

Holidays are great periods to make some creative moves for marketing your estore/ ecommerce store/ online store business. More than 50% of the people plan to spend more during the holiday season and they look for who gives the best deal. 17% more sales has been known to occur this season, in general, as quoted by a famous business blog space. How can your deal of the day page make a mark here? How can you take an advantage of the holiday season for your ecommerce store?

Promotions and contests are great to attract people. Advertising them in a plenty of social spaces can make you fall in the eyes of shoppers who hunt for deals during holidays. Use this effectively! Research states that more than 30% of the shoppers openly stated they went for the purchase due to the sales offer given.

To clear a certain product stock, giving promotions for it has been known to work wonderfully. While you have this option, it’s good you make clear investigations of how much stock you need for the next year and ensure you don’t have excess stock going forward.

Labour days are back-to-school shopping days and shoppers tend to more of online store shopping these days in order to avoid long queues and lengthy hours of purchase in crowded stores. For this period, while you may give offers or promotions on items other than school merchandise, it’s wise you give the maximum focus on school/college customers. Offers in periods well before the start of institues, free shipping, order online and pick up at the store, combinational offers, other related product suggestions and abandoned cart offers can get you great deals.

Gift cards are known to make wonderful sales exclusively during the holiday season. More than 75% of the shoppers go for gift cards every year.

Giving suggestions for the type of gift specific to each audience can attract people because you help them make better decisions of their purchase. Deals on holiday graphics are extremely interesting to young shoppers.

Social media being an integral part of our internet usage today, can work wonders for your estore. Heavy promotions via the media is known to convert media users into customers, says one of the famous business magazines.

Sharing promotional emails well before the holiday season can raise the curiosity for celebrations in every customer. Please note that more than 75% of the email users use the mail box in their mobiles or smart phones. Hence going responsive is something you simply cannot avoid.

Organizing the home page to show the deals for the season is absolutely necessary.

Make sure you don’t cut out a sorry figure of yourself when the customer is about to complete the purchase; ensure you have the products in stock! It sounds too funny to say you have an offer on a product & the product is not in stock.

Use relevant iconography for each festive season so you attract most of the target audience.

Make sure to add a thank you note at the end of each purchase so the customer knows you value him.

We’re happy you have sufficient information to decide on how to deal with holiday seasons in view of giving you the best in the business. Right kind of promotion, targeting the right audience in right forums, connecting through social media, using blog posts and tweets, suggesting gift ideas and participating effectively in each holiday season can win you excellent ROI. Should you need assistance in designing Deal of the day pages, home pages for the season, image graphics for your estore this holiday or any other , !