ShopKey – Ecommerce Keyboard for Shopify store

December 28, 2016
ShopKey – Ecommerce Keyboard for Shopify store

Shopify is a well-known company that develops online software to ease the work of ecommerce store either by Facebook integration or developing the apps related to the promotion. With the consecutive success, they have introduced one more application to provide a helping hand to the ecommerce platform. The app is ShopKey.

It has not been an easy task to track which product you have been sharing on the social media or which item you have suggested to the customer. But now, with the help of ShopKey keyboard, you can do so. Let us go in deep to know how this ShopKey mitigates the problems faced by the ecommerce store.

Prompt reply to the customer
We all know how hectic it is to wait for a response when you are stuck in between something important. In case of an online store, if customers search for a product and do not find the result accordingly, they approach the online chat option to ask the representative for the product. And when the reply is not recieved within a few minutes, the website is abandoned for some time or forever. But, with the ShopKey keyboard the responding task has been instant and much easier that leads to the gain of trust over the Estore.

Save the time and be the best customer service
As we have discussed in the previous point that the app introduced by shopify store has made the response prompt. But, how it has reduced the time span between each response? When a user asks for the product, the online store representative can easily send the link of the product asked for. They do not have to leave the conversation to switch to other apps to find out the result. This way, the time is saved and also due to this, you can become the best customer service among the ecommerce businesses.

Track the product to increase sale
Tracking the product once it is sent to the customers have been possible because of the shopify store. How is it done? When you use the Shopkey keyboard while sharing the product on social media sites like Facebook, pInterest, etc. a code is added to the link that further helps in tracking which item is liked by the users. Getting to know which product increases the sale as well as conversion rate is the best thing a business can desire for. This can be most helpful for launching a campaign of an Estore.

Shopify has been one of the best company that is continuously creating apps for the benefit of ecommerce platform. It has created many apps that have proved their worth immediately after their launch. So, don’ tmiss a single moment surfing for the latest apps. We can help you by suggesting the best services for your business. Do not miss the chance and contact us right away.

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