Switch your Shopify Mobile App from JCurve to QeNative Mobile App Builder

August 10, 2023

As we all witnessed, there were some recent advancements in the JCurve world around the JCurve Shopify mobile app builder, the situation has put a lot of small and medium Shopify-based retail store owners in a pickle. This is high time for all those Shopify retailers who were using JCurve mobile app builder to target smartphone audiences using a reliable and robust mobile app builder. 

For those who do not know, JCurve is one of the most popular mobile app builders helping Shopify website owners to launch a mobile app within a week. And all of this with no coding whatsoever.

To amplify your mobile revenue channel, the opportune moment has arrived to transition your current Shopify mobile applications, crafted with JCurve, into another widely embraced mobile app-building platform.

QeNative Mobile App Builder

If you are one such Shopify store owner looking for options, QeNative Mobile App Builder is the top alternative for you. Our team will help you get your Shopify eCOmmerce app up and running in absolutely no time at all. QeNative is designed with a focus to deliver uninterrupted operation. 

Choosing to shift from JCurve to QeNative Mobile App Builder will offer your eCommerce mobile customers a seamless user experience and will leave you with tailored support, integration, Shopify mobile app dashboard, and other end-to-end aspects. 

What Makes QeNative The Right Choice?

This top-rated and 5-Starrer Shopify mobile app builder is the all-in-one platform to convert your eStore into a fully functional native Android or iOS app in 60 minutes. With a “No Code” approach, it has been gaining huge popularity among Shopify eStore owners.

What is the best part? Well, the QeNative App is simply loved because of the customizations it offers for the merchants in building a mobile app store based on their finest and specific business needs. 

Benefits of Switching From JCurve to QeNative Mobile App Builder

There could be many benefits given the scale of your business, future goals, and expectations.

However, some of the many benefits are outlined below:

  1. Transform your Shopify eStore into a feature-rich and native iOS or/and Android mobile application in a hassle-free way.
  2. Unlock a wide range of powerful features including real-time store sync, email support, and a dedicated app manager.
  3. Granting your business a mobile presence without the complexities of coding and development.
  4. Elevate your customer experience with advanced push marketing tools, and a user-friendly dashboard.
  5. Seamlessly integrate your eStore’s mobile app with third-party apps like Judge.me Product Reviews, Stamped Product Reviews, and Yotpo Product Reviews.
  6. Craft gripping designs that shine through, with our easy-to-use builder.
  7. Never miss a sale again with our automated cart-recovery notifications!

There’s more in the locker as this is not the complete list of what you could get. 

Want to Give It a Try? We Bet You Won’t Regret.

Download the QeNative directly from the Shopify App Store or talk to our QeApps experts today!

It is time to unshackle the traditions and let us join hands to go beyond the capabilities of Shopify with QeNative

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