Redesigning Logo? Lessons to learn before rebranding!

Redesigning Logo? Lessons to learn before rebranding!

Redesigning logo may be done for various reasons, may be to include the new line of business or a new product or market place shift or to convey a new brand statement or even for the sake of implementing a new logo which is an aesthetically redefined version of the current one; designing logo & tips for redesigning logo are beautifully shared by a few of the best known international businesses we have known.

With the business name imprinted in the logos, these businesses have evolved with their new logos not showing the business name anymore but retaining the icon in a magnified state where they tend to voice out their iconic status and at the same time they haven’t deviated from their earlier logo versions so haven’t caused any confusion to people in recognizing them. Why they say they have it is, they target to enter that group of big firms who could/are recognized even by their stand-alone logos. This leaves us with a crystal clear message that when you start to think of redesigning logos, the purpose of doing it should be very clear in you; in addition to it, answer to “what the company does newly to support this new logo” should be known to you.


Sometimes what is shown lesser might be conveying much more than what it would do when it is shown more. The best example for this is Apple & its logo. How it evolved through 3-4 logos since its birth is amazing because it stands on definite reasons. A clustered logo with too much of design entities in it may not convey the right message & a simpler version may say lots much better. Apple, by cutting down its logo from a tough image to a simpler apple image, has made it clear what it is and what it has to offer us.


When it comes to making final go on a logo, the consensus may be sought not just from peers and relatives but as well from customers in the target demography who don’t know in and out of your company. The reason is, what the logo conveys to those who don’t have much background information about the company is the real projection of the logo. Rebranding via the logo happens at the best when you have suggestions from diverse backgrounds!

When you redesign logos, it is necessary you are sure why you are doing it; what was wrong with the earlier logo; what is expected in the new one & so. Unless there’s a complaint or there’s some misconception with the current one there’s no need to go for a new one. If the people identify you well and echo your voice with the current logo, then why change? Unless you really commit to a change, don’t go for one!

It is necessary you consider the age, trend, complexity, need for change, past logo errors, mistakes in earlier messages and all the possible factors before you decide upon redesigning logo & keep in mind all the tips for rebranding when you go for it. If you require assistance in eStore Logo design services, ask us right now!