Stepping Into the Buyer’s Behaviour With Psychology Marketing

psychology marketing

You might be doing good in your business. But, how to increase sales? This question might have crossed your mind a thousand times.

Know your audience!

In a conducted in 2016, of marketing professionals and online consumers, 88% of marketers stated video was an important part of their marketing strategy, while 69% of online consumers said they would rather watch a video than read a product explanation.

In , statistics prove that businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster than companies without video content.

By applying psychology to video marketing, we can actually tap into the buyer’s brain. Do you ever come across a website and think how do they do it? How are they so creative?

Well, a good video marketing strategy keeps on surprising audience now and then.

Here are 6 best psychology marketing strategies that will help in grabbing customer’s attention better.

1. First impressions

You hate it or like it— but the first impression is the most important part of psychology marketing. “First impression is the last impression” This quote isn’t curated just for spite.
When a visitor sees any of your marketing campaigns, he immediately starts thinking whether this will help me in the long run or not. He’s wondering if your company is worth trusting.

Your headlines, taglines, opening sentences all impact the buyer’s psychology. The first piece of information they receive from your end makes certainly a difference

2. Embrace video marketing

In a world saturated with text marketing content, resort to video marketing. Embrace it. Whether on television, YouTube, or Facebook, put aside enough budget to promote your quality content—as much as twice the production cost.

3. Open up with a teaser

Release a teaser or trailer video to build an anticipation among your viewers. People often skip a 20 second YouTube pre-roll ad after five seconds. Aim for heavy branding, product highlights, or calls to action in those first few seconds. You have a few seconds only. Make sure the idea is clearly conveyed.

4. Mob Mentality

Over 70% of mobile customers say they use product reviews before making their purchase.

Your buyer doesn’t trust your marketing skills as much as he trusts the opinions of his peers. He is going to trust someone who has hands-on experience with a product.

Showing reviews from your customers and persuading for feedback from customers lets your buyers see the product through a different tangent altogether.

5. Be emotional, sell emotional

People don’t buy based on the price. They buy based on the emotional needs. But the problem is most buyers don’t know what makes them happy. They need to be guided.

One way to do this is to add an out-of-this-world priced item on your site you know most buyers won’t opt for.

Here’s an example. If you’re selling a refrigerator, chances are you have a basic model for $199 and an upgraded model for $399. The comparison in price alone won’t interest the buyer, but if you add a higher-priced model for $499, the decision suddenly becomes less price-focused.

Now, the buyer is considering the differences a little more closely so he or she can make the best decision. And there are a high number of chances that the buyer will opt for the product.

6. Hold your buyer’s hand

How do you get repeat business? The best way to do that is to hold your buyer’s hand.

Instead of taking your buyer to the same procedures, give them some shortcuts. Ease their burden and create a system which simplifies the process along with giving something which invokes them to buy. It could be a monthly or yearly subscription at a lower price or it could be a membership plan.

What do you take away?
Getting familiar with your audience is a must to boost sales. Use these psychology marketing tips to tap into your buyer’s brain and take them to the checkout page effortlessly.
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