Promote your products through blogs

January 19, 2017
Promote your products through blogs

Product promotion is the basic need of an ecommerce store. Without this, it becomes really impossible to spread awareness about what an Estore is and what does it comprises of. But if the promotion is done directly in a blog or readers get to know that what he/she is reading out is to promote products, they abandon the content right away.

We all are familiar with the term content marketing as well as a blog. Those who do not know what a blog is, let us tell you that the article you are reading right now is a part of one of the blogs. For an Estore, ecommerce blogs play a vital role. They not only improve the SEO of the website, but also allure a customer to buy some products described in the same.

The main problem with the promotions occurs when you very well know that the ecommerce blogs should captivate customer attention for a particular product without letting them know your motive.

Get to know how a product can be promoted through a blog by the mentioned guidelines:

  • Provide links to the product
    In content marketing, it is always made sure that the content does not look like a spam. Providing links to the product anywhere or asking the customers to follow the links does not make sense and should be avoided. Instead of doing this, what you can do is, suppose you are providing content for an ecommerce store selling cosmetics; mention the products under the fashion category and provide the links there itself. So, if a person is interested he/she can navigate through the link.
  • Use images with text
    While writing content for an online store, adding images gives a clear vision about the product. But instead of adding the image alone, try to get a picture that contains the product description also. This way, you promote a product in an indirect way. But sometimes the idea backfires when the image is not designed properly. So, make sure the pictures you use are perfect.
  • Add “Related products” at the end of the product
    We all are aware about an online store. The main purpose of these stores is to sell more and more products. But how can you ask a customer to buy more products when they have already bought one? Well, it is very simple. Provide a category just below the product or cart details that contain products related to one that has been already bought. Like if jeans is purchased, list out all the shirts or tees suiting the same.

Following the above mentioned suggestions, you can create a blog without any errors. The pages are only read by the customers only when it provides useful information. So, always try to add something informatics and see how content can provide an edge to your business. To know more about the management and the right way to enhance your blog, contact us, as we provide the top notch services.

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