The Product Packaging: Reason for Repeat customers

November 11, 2016
Innovative product packaging idea

Just to compete, business development companies spend so much of their time to reach new customers. But in the race of this competition, they miss out the major profit making area which includes a repeat of number of customers reaching the ecommerce store. The cost of getting new customers is far more than compared to the existing ones.

According to the marketing studies, if you get repeat customers, the ratio of profit earned is considered 1/3 to 1/8 times of the new customers. So, the first step towards the accomplishment of an online store is to get the same customer again and again. Secondly, the product purchased from an Estore should be efficient enough in its own way to convince the buyer to get addicted to it. Both the points mentioned above are common and every company tries to maintain the trust of the customers following these steps.

If, in a motor race, every person has the best car and the foot prints followed by each of them are the same, who is going to win??? Well, the answers is, the one who will think out of the box is going to make it. In case of Estore also, the companies have to think in a different way to make more profit and stand out of the crowd.

Packaging is the way which is focused on nowadays to get repeat customers on a website after promotions. Below are a few points that need to be considered while product packaging:

  • Sassy packaging to make a difference:
    Product packaging is not a deliberately thought topic. But it creates a great impact on the customer and business relationship. Once the product is dispatched from an ecommerce store, the only way left to impress the customer is the way you hand them the product. To make a difference, try custom packaging. Use colorful logos.

    The products people purchase from a store of the same brand are of the same quality. So, to keep it different from others, try stickers with images and slogans on the product packaging and wow the customers.

  • Acknowledge the customer for using the service:
    Being it formal or informal relation, it is always suggested to be thankful. So, try attaching a hand written or customized “thank you” note to make customers feel special. They are going to love it and this will lead to the use of more service from the store.
  • Provide attractive discounts
    The other major factor that is responsible for the success of any business is “loyalty”. If you have earned your customer loyalty, you have made it to the top. In order to repeat customers, make some discount schemes like if you buy for the first time, you will get a discount on the next three purchases. It will be a profit earning deal for both: company and customer.
  • Use newsletters and emails:
    The other factor which is responsible for customer retention is by reminding them continuously about the company. In order to do that, compose newsletters and emails and send them on a daily basis. This will help them to know new deals and above all you will stay in touch with the customer and instead of searching for new online store they will surely get back to you.
  • Provide upcoming information:
    With the lively packaging you make for the product, try to provide information about, “how to use the product” or you can add information about the upcoming products similar to the one already bought. Beside this, you can also add some more information like if the product is a dress, give them options of how you can match it will different accessories to look gorgeous. This is not all; you should not forget to inscribe your contact details on the packaging.

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