How Brands Are Spreading Positivity Amidst The Corona Pandemic

April 6, 2020

During these unprecedented times, when the routine is not normal anymore and social distancing is the smartest decision that one can make, there is so much negativity around. Coronavirus cases are rising each day and we are uncertain of almost everything. The economy is facing a major setback with all the factories being shut or reducing production and all the brick and mortar stores being closed as a response to COVID-19 outbreak. 

Corona is affecting lives and businesses adversely across the globe and there are numerous consequences that the travel, FMCG, advertising, marketing, and almost all the industry verticles are facing. On the other hand, eCommerce is the only verticle that is getting mixed responses. Even if there are uncertainties, people and brands are coming together to tackle the situation by helping those in need! 

Let’s put aside all the bad that’s happening around and shift our focus to the positivity that this scenario has brought. Be it government bodies or SMBs, everyone is doing their bit to contribute. As an agency that’s helping eCommerce businesses sell efficiently, QeRetail is taking this opportunity to bring forth a collection of all the creative, empathetic, meaningful, and most importantly positive Coronavirus messages that are floating around the web. Brands are reaching their audiences through social media and their own websites. Here’s a compilation of a few creatives that caught our attention.

Let’s check out how brands are spreading positivity amidst this Corona pandemic and how they’re affecting the sentiments of the audiences. From changing Twitter handle to funding the poor we’ve got it all!

Website Response To COVID-19

Be it the eCommerce giants like Walmart or the local bakery, everyone’s letting their customer and website visitors know what steps they’re taking amid the pandemic. As discussed in our previous post about Coronavirus effects of eCommerce, one of the best practices is to be transparent and update your website and GMB profiles about your working hours and shipping scenarios. Here are a few of the examples.

1. Walmart

As the associated audience with Walmart is huge, the measures they’re taking for not just their customers, but also its employees and community as a whole is huge! Setting up an example of social distancing while shopping and while at the deliveries, Walmart is doing a commendable job. They’ve created a standalone landing for all the COVID-19 news, precautions, gratitude towards the associates, and other related information.

Corona positivity messages

2. Best Buy

Another eCommerce giant that specializes in electronics and great deals, is spreading a similar message as Walmart for contactless curbside pickup and doorstep delivery, even for the large appliances like TV.

bestbuy corona positivity message

Additionally, Best Buy has extended dates for return and has put up a few pivotal COVID-19 related article on their landing page.


Pro-Tip: If you are making even slightest of the changes in the pattern of your business operations, do let your visitors know. Check out the Bath & Body Work’s and Colorpop’s messages.

bbworks corona positive message

colorpop coroa message

Return Policy Exemptions

Amid the self-quarantine and lockdown, many stores have decided to close their in-store operations until any further notice of containment of the virus. During this period, shipments are likely to delay. Small to medium online stores are doing their bit by providing as long as 120 days long return period. Check out the examples.

1. Macy’s

A renowned shopping chain like this one has not stopped its online stores and app selling, but the stores remain closed! Macy’s has a detailed note for all its customers who still want to shop. Here it is:

macys corona message
2. Mavi

A similar message is put out by Mavi, a clothing store, for the extended return period and closed stores.

mavi corona message

Social Media To The Rescue

In this time of social distancing, social media is the medium that’s keeping everyone apart yet connected! Brands are turning to various social platforms to show their support and do their bit. As we always say it’s not just about profits all the time, this time of crisis is a great way to win your customers’ hearts. Not only that, take it as a part of social responsibility where you care for the community and give a little back. We have a few social media posts from brands talking about COVID-19. Have a look:

1. Mailchimp

The email marketing giant is offering a massive $10M price relief fund to its customers who want to continue running their businesses. Moreover, it is planning to invest up to $100M to help drive new and ongoing business for our small business customers through price discounts, product upgrades, add-ons, and more. Read the entire announcement here.

Mailchimp is already making constant efforts to spread positivity among the small business owners with its lucrative social media campaigns such as #SupportSmall and #SupportTheShorts. It has been posting impactful story tips and informative stats on Instagram and Twitter to help the business owners run their business with ease and clarity amid this pandemic. Following are Malchimp’s Instagram story screenshots.

Mailchimp Corona story mailchimp corona story2

mailchimp corona story3 mailchimp corona story4

2. Shopify

When people think of eCommerce, Shopify is their go-to solution provider, and in these difficult times, Shopify has stood for its customers! Again through social platforms and its website, Shopify is constantly providing all the help and support that the community might need. Starting from changing its Twitter handle to ‘Stay Home’ to sharing the current trends that SMBs should know, Shopify is doing it all.

shopify corona trend
3. Zomato

To support the restaurant workers and delivery valets, Zomato announced to donate its April’s month’s Gold Membership earnings. To gather more and more funds, Zomato’s increasing the membership tenure too.

zomato corona post

Wrap Up

Though the time is tough, it’s our responsibility to come forward and support! Brands are coming together to help the community and industries are surviving with whatever hopes are left. We’re in this together!

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