Newsletter Etiquette: Holiday Rules

Newsletters for Holiday Season

Newsletters are a great way of communication rather than just ‘selling’ in eCommerce stores. They are wonderful in gaining new customers for estores, who start trusting you based on the content you share as that shows your expertise big enough to educate them. Amidst their busy lives, emails are an integral part and they don’t miss to check them daily; newsletters in mails are going to keep you in customer minds always. Having said, how do you think you can utilise the best of newsletters for holiday seasons, and take the complete advantage of holiday season for your online store?

  • Ease:
    A customer has shared his contact mail with you which is great, so in return you make the process of signing up for newsletters easy; this serves great to customers who have invested in you & already expecting great value. Take a look at the Volusion newsletter templates; there are modifiable templates in the checkout page so customisation is possible in navigation menus for non-responsive sites. Take only the least needed customer detail & make sure to use a simple and clear language in sign up forms for any of promotions, deals, company news that you send.
  • Comfort:
    Easy to send and read newsletters are advised, for which you may check the Volusion store for built in functionalities or you may also check other options if a third party email provider is integrated with your site. Make sure the emails are easily detectable; have clear phrases and formatting good enough to reflect the brand. Editor review is advised for errors, preview section is necessary as well so responsiveness can be tested.
  • Timeliness:
    Over-flooding or under-sharing is to be taken care. Work out the frequency of sending newsletters based on your customer base, try to realise what they expect from you and when. For special holiday promotional mails you may send them all through the season and make it fruitful. Volusion lets you upgrade the account in case you wish to increase your limits.
  • Show value:
    Ensure you are of a value to them. Include only necessary information in the newsletters. Product, order related or shipping information are helpful but internal events of company may not be of interest to your customers. Special interests in Volusion may help you to send newsletters to a specific group; check out!
  • Clean error-free:
    Check the CAN-SPAM Act to avoid sending emails that may get spammed. Volusion satisfies the mandatory rule under this act, that includes an unsubscribe link; make sure you don’t send newsletters to those who have unsubscribed unless absolutely needed. Modifying source URL for embedded images is necessary for their right display in emails.
  • Track:
    Track the signed up numbers by including the link in the holiday newsletter. Monitoring the email campaigns let you realise what has worked well for which audience and till what extent so you can work out for further amelioration.

Preparing for holiday season is a must if you wish to make an exclusive sale; we strongly believe we have given you some insights on building newsletters for your customers holiday eve. For further business tips, guidelines on eCommerce products for “Newsletter sign up” page design , right now.