How Is Machine Learning Going to Impact SEO Techniques 2018?

SEO Techniques 2018

Machine learning is being talked about a lot in recent times, but do we know how is it going to change the scenario in organic search results? Which SEO techniques do we need to apply to overcome the challenges caused due to machine learning?

have already employed machine learning to improve their operations.

Since a couple of years, we have been hearing about machine learning but, is it really impacting organic search results? Yes, it is. With the changing technology, we need to now update our SEO techniques adapting to the new trends this rising technology has brought in.

The SEO companies or experts ignoring machine learning would really experience the decline in search engine visibility. The reason behind that is RankBrain, a machine learning algorithm and a new way Google is using to rank search results.

Yes, you heard it right. Now we need to optimize for RankBrain. But how?

Before we gather the information about the SEO techniques to be used in 2018 so that we can overcome the challenges, Machine Learning has brought in, let’s have some brief on –

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a technology which empowers computers to do the task without being instructed by a human through a programming language.

Google has a very good history of being updated with latest technologies and it is no wonder that Google algorithm will be evolving as per the quality of search results machine learning would be demanding.

Here are several SEO aspects which need to take care of in order to succeed in terms of search engine ranking –


The content on a website can be effective if the user reading it can relate to it. For example, a professional staying in New York would be having a different thought process when compared to a housewife staying in a small town in Chicago.

User’s intent would be the most important driving force behind writing content. Ultimately the content should be –

  • High quality and relevant
  • Persuasive enough to drive conversions
  • Satisfying user’s intent
  • Providing positive experience to the users

On Page Optimization Techniques and Link Building

With the advent of machine learning, Google algorithm would become much smarter and will be having the ability to sense the manipulated and link building.

The on-page optimization techniques like meta title, ALT tags, meta descriptions, anchor texts, etc., would be important but will not be the only criteria responsible for making or breaking search engine ranking.

Grey hat and black hat techniques would be quickly identified by the machine learning powered algorithm and the websites executing such techniques may be penalized by Google.

Technical SEO

Not having technical knowledge would no more be a problem as far as SEO is concerned. The errors in XML sitemap or robots.txt would be fixed automatically in the very near future and would not require human force to do so.

Google would be encouraging the website owners and digital marketers to optimize websites for new areas like AMP, voice search, structured data etc. so that the website follows latest SEO techniques.

For example, if we consider structured data, the implementation of the schema has a positive record of increase in visits and CTR. Lack of these latest updates may even fail Artificial Intelligence to fetch results from the website.

User Experience

Last but not the least, the user experience would be the most important criterion based on which a website would be judged whether fit to achieve high ranking or not.

The website having high bounce rate and low CTR would be perceived as not providing better user experience and thus will not succeed in achieving ranking on top positions of SERPs.

Thus, the digital marketers, SEO experts, website owners, etc., would have to ensure that their websites are providing the best user experience.

Final Thoughts on Machine Learning Impacting SEO Techniques 2018

Ultimately, when Google has brought machine learning powered algorithms into use, the SEO experts and digital marketers have to roll up the sleeves and be prepared for the future changes.

Either update the website making it highly user-friendly and genuine or experience the ranking of the website declining in SERPs.

The ball is in your court now. Help the machine learning powered algorithm access your website easily to stay on the top of SERPs.

Have you experienced machine learning impacting SEO? Have we missed out something on this topic? Or do you have some unique ideas or useful tips? Let us know in the comments section below.