Launching a Shopify store? 10 Must have apps

November 29, 2016
Shopify eStore

Finally the day has come when you have launched your own ecommerce store. You seem to be super excited as you are stepping into the world of making money. But with the launch of your online store come lots and lots of stress. The stress is not because you have launched your store, but it is because you would need to do lots of hard work to get it to the top.

Apps provided by the shopify store helps in achieving your goal. Let’s take a look at all the apps that can be a helping hand in attaining your dreams down there:

ALT Text

When you add an article it can be recognized by the search engine by using the description, keywords, etc. But in case of an image, the description cannot be provided. Everything is right in front of your eyes. This is one of the shopify apps that creates the alt text using the name, category and store type of the product. It drastically increases the search engine visibility of the product.

Privy-Free email popups

Getting more and more customers to an Estore is difficult to digest, but the feeling of losing the customers without conversion is killing. This shopify app helps in tracking the conversion and also it can connect to the various email marketing software’s like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, etc. which is an advantage for the online store.

The major requirement for an ecommerce store is the content. Engaging content is an indispensable part of any Estore that increases the time spent on the page by a customer leading to successful SEO. In this shopify app, all the product details are present in the tool and you can post them or schedule them anytime on your social media website, all at once.

Happy Ending

Acknowledgement always makes a customer feel special. As the name itself signifies, it is one of the shopify apps that can be managed to send “thank you” to the customer after every successful purchase. So, being a startup, it will definitely impress the consumers.


Data analysis is the most important part of SEO. This app helps in monitoring the growth of a store all at one place. The metrics can be generated at a single place that can save your time to track the data easily.

Refersion: Affiliate tracking

Obviously, affiliate program allures the customer to buy products from your store. But keeping a track on it is not that easy. This app is a must for this requirement. It can also create and manage the modified sign-up pages easily.

eCommerce Email Marketing (Soundest)

If you are a small or a medium ecommerce store owner than this app can definitely do wonders. It is an all in one shopify store app that collects the email ids, also you can send “thank you” messages and send emails regarding the abandoned cart to regain the customers.

Crowd content

We all are aware of the content writing process. With this app, the content on a website related to the description can be easily updated with just one click. Scheduling option is also present in this app that can update crowd content to provide brand new content.


As the name itself describes the app, this app is used to collect reviews. More are the genuine reviews; more will be the people trusting the store. Thus, it increases the conversion rate in an indirect way to make your Estore successful.

SEO Meta Manager

SEO is the main factor that increases the rank of your online store. It manually asks you to add keywords, title and meta description. What makes it more useful is that you do not need to change the code to do this.

Manufacturing a product in the market can not earn profit itself. You have to do marketing and build strategies to introduce it to people to increase the awareness of the product among the customers. In the same way, creating an online store alone is a big zero till the time you market it. Opt for the apps mentioned above to make your store a big hit. Above mentioned apps are only a few apps, you can know more about the other apps that are useful by contacting us and also check out the services we provide.

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