How interactive banners help improve conversions?

How interactive banners help improve conversions?

Banners have been the passive source of income till now. With the increase in the other source of promotions, it is losing its fame. Now, instead of clicking on the banner to get the details, advertisers are contacted directly or the brand is searched online. It is assumed that banners generate income only when they are clicked. But it is just a misconception. They are of a lot more use.

Let’s discuss how banners can help in improving the banner conversions:

  • Banners can be used to promote the special offers
    The importance of banners comes into the light when they are used for some special kind of offers. They can be used when there is a sale or some offers like” buy one get one free” or “25% off on limited item purchase” available on the online store. But, it must be made sure that when the banner is clicked it redirects you to the page mentioned otherwise clickers will mark it as fake.
  • Banner should go with the message
    The promotional banners are of use only when it displays the message related to the Estore. If they convey the message that fully goes with the site, then only they are clicked. For example, if an Estore sells products like shoes than the banner should be related to the different varieties of the product available at the store. If it is not related to the goods present, then it is of no use.
  • Use known faces to the banner
    Faces that are known create a great impact. So, while creating promotional banners make sure to use the faces that are prominent in the population. Customers have the mentality that the famous people cannot advertise for the bad products. So, in an indirect way they help the online store to gain trust of customers.
  • Ask questions to get personal
    The importance of banners is not confined to the ecommerce store only. They are useful for any business like if there is a hospital, you can add a banner that asks questions to the users related to the diseases. And once all the questions are answered, the story of the patient who had fought the disease and is cured is told. This definitely helps in banner conversions as people get connected to them easily.
  • Banner should have contrast same as the brand
    Last but not the least, the banner you create must have the look and feel similar to the ecommerce store. If it is not so, the banner and the brand would look unlike and these types of banners leave a bad impact on the users.

Either an ecommerce store or any other business, all of them require a way of promotion. Does not matter what way you prefer, the end result should be the success of the business. So, whatever you select always analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the same and then opt for them.

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