Increasing Sales through Volusion's Facebook Store

July 21, 2016
Increasing Sales through Volusion's Facebook Store

Volusion, one of the well-known ecommerce platforms has come up with something named “Facebook Store” by which it targets you reach millions of Facebook users worldwide to showcase your brand in view of building stronger customer base and better relationships in the market. What do you need to do to make the best use of this Volusion store feature and how all can you utilize it? Be with us to know more!

  • Facebook requires the websites to have SSL certification on them in order they stay connected with Volusion Facebook Store. makes the certificate buy possible under Services section & the set up can be done by us
  • Logo update can be done if logged onto FB or even if not logged onto FB yet.
  • Now that app installation is done, next is activation for which you make sure you have a FB page to start with.

Now it’s all set for the visitors to browse the Volusion Facebook Store products of your ecommerce store; add the items to cart from the store front view or from the product page. Cart on the top right lets the users’ access to the added items from any part of the store. Checkout takes them to the usual checkout process.

Deal of the day pages, discount to targeted customers, page Like, color adjustments to match the branding needs, and much more are possible with Volusion store for Social selling of your online store, towards eStore conversions. To list down the features you can achieve with this store, the below should help!

  1. Selected products on the facebook store (say a max of 25), can be displayed. Deal of the Day settings can be done.
  2. To do the promotions, you may set up a discount for people ‘liking’ the Facebook page. Banners to invite people to Like the page and then to show them the discount amount earned can be created. Similarly doing a thank you banner is possible
  3. Store appearance customization is possible
  4. Closing the Facebook store is possible
  5. A change to the name/image of the FB store link is possible

A product listing on the store is possible if,

  • It’s not deleted
  • It doesn’t have the Private Section Customer Only checked on
  • Doesn’t have a recurring price
  • Isnt kept for hiding
  • Isnt hidden when out of stock
  • Doesn’t have Allow price edit checked on & has no text in AddtoCartBtn Replacement Text
  • Doesn’t have restricting display start end dates & doesn’t have multi child add to cart selected.

We hope you now are equipped with why Volusion Facebook Store for ecommerce site conversions! If you require the support in setting up & maintaining the Social Store for your website, just ask us for you are ensured the best of the services!

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