The future of ecommerce fashion store

ecommerce fashion store

The transition of eCommerce businesses from a mere brick mortar store to a more style oriented business has changed the way ecommerce stores operate. Fashion industries have focussed mainly on innovation, creativity and disruptive innovation in their businesses and they still do; but if you want beat your competitors your focus must be on the technical drivers of fashion. Adopting yourself to the tech-focused future of fashion doesn’t mean that you have to learn new code but focus on the approaches: select the perfect fit and personalise the shopping experience for the benefit of your customers.

We purchase apparels in estores; the main question that remains in our mind until it’s delivered to you is – will the product fit me perfectly ? The average product return proportion in a estore is 30 % compared to 9% on a traditional store, so returns are definitely a burden to online stores. New technical solutions like shoefitr helps online customers to compare size and shape of their current footwear to the exact brand and model they are looking to buy in an online store. Other industry leading solutions like “fitsme”, “fitnect” and other virtual fitting solutions tend to lend a helping hand to your fashion store to provide the best fit to your customers and make them more reliable. These solutions basically help you to integrate a mix of brand specific measurements with customer body types and 3D imaging options to reduce fit related item returns considerably.

Another trend that will be vital for success of your apparel store is to personalise the needs of customers and provide subscription based services.

Also, effective campaigns to customers is achieved by conducting user surveys and reach customers based on the data collared in surveys. This will also increase in transforming your prospective customers with flair and may instigate your customers share purchases on social platforms like instagram. Software solutions such as “pura vida” and “stitch fix” are here to help transform your estores and personalise them to win more customers.

Style will always take centre stage in success of your fashion store but with the personalised experiences making things “cooler”, future of fashion is technology. If you wish to add the flavour of future fashion technology on your estores and beat the competition by knowing and implementing the latest offered by us, click to start off your ride.