Featured product's most convenient way to sell products you want

Featured product - most convenient way to sell products you want

While responsive websites and ecommerce software like Volusion, magento, bigcommerce in web development for an estore have become a necessity today to stand upfront in view of Google ranking, it is also required we be up-to-date with data on mobile traffic using google analytics, with having a user friendly eStore, with knowing when to redesign eStores or facelift them for better promotions and marketing. Likewise, showing up a few items as featured products and utilizing this feature effectively is sure to lead to some conversions. What to showcase to the users, how to do the showcase, whose attention to be drawn for which are all what one needs to be well aware when setting up the featured products.

What to feature?

Best seller category and the new arrival category are the 2 mostly used featured products types. Most popular and the newest products definitely do grab the customers because they always want the best, love to be trendy and go by the view of other buyers. New arrivals make more sense to the existing customers than to the new ones and these placed prominently in the home page gain the attention.

What to show when there are a lot of best sellers & new arrivals?

  1. Highlight the product with stellar reviews and the products received by most of your customers irrespective of them being from the best seller or the newly arrived, may be the featured status takes them to better heights
  2. Products with a big margin or more inventory could be under the featured
  3. Looking at the site analytics to get the most searched items could be among the featured so as to soar the sales
  4. Google AdWords account could give you the commonest/most-converted items to put them onto the featured

Where to project the featured items?

Home page is the best for the featured items; both the new and the returning customers hit here as soon as they open the website. Placing them visibly is very important, be it horizontally or vertically. A crisp slideshow showing all the featured products and other smaller clips showing specific items among them can add values to targeted customers.

How promote the featured items?

  1. Social media is ofcourse the top most medium of promotions. Showing the featured items on pinterest or Facebook or Instagram and also inviting the customers to share what they liked is the easiest to make a move
  2. Email marketing campaigns regularly in a smart manner including attractions like deals/offers do give an impression to the customers that they can use you while they buy from you rather than feeling just bombarded with promotions
  3. Pay per click advertising on Google via AdWords is a way of showcasing the items by giving an ad on them where the ad click takes one to the store website.

While there lie these nuances in doing an ecommerce store design, it is also important that attention is paid to the sales figures waking up out of them, to define the best design and promotion ways to keep working on redesigning the site. If you are looking for one of the most trusted in ecommerce to do these at the best, .