Is your ecommerce store ready for holiday traffic?

Is your ecommerce store ready for holiday traffic?

The holidays are around the corner. And this is the time when people spend their valuable time to shop for festivals and gift purpose. An ecommerce store is the best place to buy your goods without making an effort to go out and waste your time wandering through the streets. Holidays are the best times for the Estore holders make most of the money. At this time companies should make sure that the holiday season is well utilized.

To channelize the traffic to your Estore, you need to follow a few steps that can lead to the increase conversion rate.

Slow checkout speed

Most of the visitors abandon the ecommerce store because the process that they have to follow to reach the checkout cart as it is long and tiring. Besides this, the second reason that can take away the customer from the online store is the store speed.

Another analysis that can increase the holiday season traffic is to evaluate where your website stands. To know this, you need to ask yourself a few questions like:

  • If you’re online store has a nice speed that cannot restrain customers to withdraw from visiting your website?
  • If the WordPress or the plugins and extensions used are out of date or not?

Check out the above mentioned points for ecommerce conversions. You can also ask the developers to test the website on a staging environment before putting it live. This can prevent the loss of customers due to the inappropriate functioning of the code.

Evaluate the tools before updating

As we have discussed earlier that for ecommerce conversions, update of the plugins is required. But before we blindly make changes to the previously used plugins and extension, we must analyze the tools present and those which can be of use at the current state. Always compare the quality of plugins available and the ones used at the moment and make changes accordingly.

Check out the hosting plans

In order to increase conversion rate, many aspects need to be taken care of. The hosting plan is one of them. If the plan you have is on the shared basis, it will slow down the speed of your site. So, prefer a plan that is used only by you to increase the store traffic this season. If you do not have enough knowledge about the hosting plans, you can check our and if information is required.

Image and Content Caching

To pick up from the place you left is a great concept to ease the work of a customer. It can be achieved in the real scenario using the caching method. For caching the images and contents to increase the holiday season traffic, you can go through the plugins present in the market at the moment. They help the customer to reach the page where they left using browsers cache.

The bottom line is to improve the store traffic by making the most use of any holiday season. As holiday seasons are the best time when a customer can look out for the store to buy some valuables. The money making process can be a piece of cake when the same customer visits the same site during this holiday season. So, while concentrating on the holiday season sale do not forget the customer retention process.