Do your eCommerce store have these features?

Do your eCommerce store have these features?

We all know very well that shopping is not confined to girls these days. With the number of ecommerce store available online anyone can go shopping like guys can get their favorite gadgets while kids can also select cute shoes or accessories from there. Estore has been a huge collection of different needs of almost maximum population.

In the midst of the number of online stores, the essential features of eStore are still uncovered or we can say people are not taking things seriously. For example, there are a lot of stores that have an attractive layout and no doubt the website is captivating, but when we talk about the buy option, they have a plain text. If the reason why a customer visits a website is kept so dull why would anyone come for shopping there?

Though below are a few very common points and they do not guarantee to take your store to the top level still they are the essential features of eStore and needs to be followed blindly.

  • Trust Marks
    It is one of the ecommerce website must have features that cannot be ignored anyways. The first reason for success of any business in the market is the trust customers have on them. So, winning the trust is a must for customer retention. Trust mark from the third party helps you gain this. Some of the most trusted and reputed companies are McAfee, BBB, GeoTrust, etc. If you have the trust mark on your website customers are never going to think twice before providing you the payment details.
  • Find the Store
    There are a few people who do not believe in shopping without investigating the stuff completely. They would never want to buy products from the Estore. But yes, they visit the online store to get details about the store where they could actually find the same products. So, always add a “find the store” option to your website.
  • Online chats and Contact Details
    How would you react when you select an item, have some doubts regarding the same and want to clarify at the same moment but you can’t do so? You will get irritated and abandon the cart. So, to handle this type of situations online chat option should be there. And without any second though contact details should be provided on the website.
  • Link to Social Media
    About 20% of the customers are converted due to the social media sites. They are the best way to get to know the reviews about any ecommerce store. So, people prefer to use them to reach any store. Moreover, they are the best platform for a store promotion. So, either we talk about customers or vendors, both get benefited by the social media platform. Thus, if you have not linked up your store till now, do it right away.
  • Login Box, Search Box and Shopping Cart
    This is another very important point of ecommerce website must have features. Can you ever imagine cooking food without salt? An ecommerce store without a login box, search box and the shopping cart is similar to the example. They are the main ingredients of an Estore. Without them the purpose of the store would nullify.

That’s all. Hope the suggestion given above will help you generate more business. Though they are minor suggestions, but sometimes they become the reason for the success and failure of the Estore. So, comprehend over the features discussed and implement them in your ecommerce store. If you have other queries, feel free to us. Also, we provide more for Estore that can be a helping hand for you.