3 customer data driven strategies to increase ecommerce store conversions

Increasing sales

Understanding the customer experience can be a challenging task for businesses. A shopper walking into the store or an internet user browsing the online store may simply walk out after trying multiple clothes on him; fit, price, colour, texture or anything around could be the reason; it’s tough to make out. But then it’s surely possible we follow a set of tactics/rules/strategies based on the customer data analytics and surveys, to interpret the customer behavioural implications so as to work upon them for higher conversion rates. Top 3 metrics on the customer data influencing ECommerce store conversion rates are here below,

  • Eliminating/revamping the exit pages is the top most factor estores should be looking at.
    • You may see people hitting your website but shopping may not be completed. That is, you see a high traffic but not higher conversions which means you have gained the customer’s attention but haven’t been successful in convincing them for the business. Start checking on the exit rates of the web pages. %exit on google analytics gives you this data. It doesn’t stop here; you should be conducting surveys or customer talks to know why they are leaving from those pages

    • Exit surveys with the right questions gets the customer to give you the inputs on what dissatisfied them

    • You may even offer them last minute suggestions or ideas in such surveys

    • Heat maps give you the click, scroll and move data on the pages you configure them, so you know the exact actions of the users on the site

  • Analyzing the sources of traffic can let you keep customers on the road to finish the purchase! Organic traffic is that which comes from Google or any search engine route; referral traffic is one that comes from referrals, say from another site or from media or from any news quotations or so. While you may not be able to fully control the context of traffic, you can try your best in giving them the maximum so you add them onto your conversions

    • To improve organic traffic, Once the shopper is on your site, you may encourage them to do the purchase, by using tactics like lead generation tools with which you can set up a discount for him and also get vital information from them on your products/services. Don’t miss out to respond to at least few of the remarkable customers for their feedbacks; this way you are winning a customer heart and he would know you treasure his word.

    • for segmentation of customers lets you respond to specific customers for their specific needs thus you can expect returns from higher order values
    • Generic surveys like “what can we do for you” as soon as a user lands on the site, can help too

    • For referral traffic improvements, you should be looking at the details the referral is giving customers about your site. You may treat such customers special, by way of which you appreciate the referral too.

  • Cart abandonments are one of the primary sources of customer exits from eCommerce stores. Data says more than 50% of the abandoned carts are recoverable while you may not be getting a 100% reversion.

    • Exit surveys, at the juncture of customer going to close the page, can be used to give the user a discount or so, so he makes a re-entry into the cart for completing the purchase

    • Free shipping cost for a customer, indicating high shipping, can let you retain him

    • Be smart to use some great psychological phrases and pushes in the abandoned cart emails to get the back to the site to finish the purchase!

It’s completely in your hand to win or lose a customer though you may not be every time assured that a customer is sure to give you the return then. Having said, nothing stops you from implementing all the possible strategies to let you climb the ladder towards higher conversions. Do you think you require more details on customer data driven strategies or estore facelift ? now!