Significance of eCommerce Reviews and How to Repurpose it

August 20, 2020
According to Nielsen, 92% of people have more trust in the recommendations coming from friends and family in comparison to any other type of advertisement. As the competition is getting fierce, the businesses are opting for various strategies to promote their brand. One of the most effective approaches among them is Word of mouth. In an online world, the role is played by customer reviews.74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions.Word of mouth and reviews have always played a significant role in our shopping preferences. Traditionally, word of mouth was limited to the people existing only in our vicinity. However, as the businesses have gone online, the boundaries of the reviews have expanded. And with this change, the impact of even a single review has become more powerful.

The customer reviews associated with the products give the other customers more confidence in your brand. Hence, they are comparatively more likely to purchase your product. The companies can also use these reviews to make improvements in their products and serve their customers effectively.

Significance of eCommerce Reviews

Beyond friends and family, 88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers.

Before placing an order, the customer tries to collect all the necessary information about the product and the post-purchase services provided by the company. Savvy customers never buy a product without realizing how it will function for them. Hence, they go through all negative and positive reviews, which gives them a better idea about the product.

In light of the fact, eCommerce pioneers, like Amazon, ask their customers to provide their valuable feedback on the products/services. eCommerce reviews hold immense significance for both customers as well as the companies. Some of the major ones are as follows –

  1. 1. Better Customer Engagement

    Customer review improves customer engagement, enabling the customers to connect with the other customers and the company. Sometimes these review groups end up forming a community, which helps the other customers with their queries and problems. In today’s online world, customers are incredibly active. They go through various reviews and contact the other buyers to know more about the product. They also respond to the reviews which they find helpful or contradictory, and after the purchase, drop a review about his experience as well.

  2. 2. Increased Sales

    Reviews and ratings prove to be a deciding factor in the purchase of the product. In fact, according to Fan & Fuel, 92% of the customers resist purchasing a product that has no customer review. A product with reviews is more likely to be bought, leading to increased sales.

  3. 3. Improved Online Presence

    One of the biggest aims of online business to quickly get found by the customer over the internet. To achieve this, you have to be careful about SEO and page ranking. Reviews work great for SEO of the page, as they consist of the keyword related to the product. The more the customers review your product, the better is your website ranking, hence the online presence.

  4. 4. Better Customer Loyalty

    Customers love when companies consider their opinion and address their issues. Reviews tend to create customer loyalty in the business, allowing them to voice their opinion and experience. When the companies address their problem, it gains their confidence in the brand, thereby improving customer loyalty.

  5. 5. More Informed Decision

    The eCommerce reviews also educate the customer about the product, helping them to make more informed decisions about the purchase. The information helps the customers to invest their valuable money on the right product and at the right place.

How to repurpose the eCommerce Review?

Though every review is essential for a business, keeping all of them on the top is not a feasible choice for the company. You need to screen the reviews and use it strategically so that it presents your business in the best light. eCommerce gives you an idea about the pit holes in your product that you can use to make improvements in your product and deliver better customer satisfaction.

But the question is, how can you make the most out of the eCommerce reviews into your business? You can use customer reviews in many ways to improve your product and serve your customers effectively. At the same time, you can use these reviews for your business as well. There are various ways you can repurpose your eCommerce reviews and reap the benefits of it.

  1. 1. Highlight the key points of the review

    A visitor tends to stay on the product page for approximately 7 to 59 seconds. Hence it makes it vital for you to present all the necessary information within the timeframe, which encourages the visitor to become a buyer. For this, you need to highlight the shorter as well as the meaningful comments at the top. Whenever the visitor goes through the product page, he should be able to quickly find the critical points of the customer review and make a decision.


  2. 2. Transform Customer Reviews into Testimonials

    Customer testimonials create credibility in your business, converting more leads, and driving sales. You can pick the most useful reviews of the customers, develop testimonials, and place it on your website. The testimonials reflect the popularity of your brand and create confidence in the other customers, encouraging them to make a purchase.

    Other than your websites, the customers can provide reviews for your products on various other platforms like social media, online forums, and business directories as well. However, to use these reviews in the testimonials, make sure to take permission from the customers. Once they grant permission, you can create the testimonials and use them for promotions. For Example- Hubspot uses the testimonials of their valuable customers on their website, who are talking about the product, services, and transformation brought by them to their business.


  3. 3. Include Customer Reviews and Testimonials Case Studies

    You can also create case studies of your product/services in which you can use the customer review or the testimonials that grab user attention. Case Studies proves to be quite helpful in promoting your brand and enhancing customer loyalty and trust in your business.

    You can add a CTA(Call to Action) in it so that the customers do not get lost and have a way to reach your website. Just like the testimonials, make sure you seek permission from your customers to use their reviews or testimonials in your case study.
    You can also include a glimpse of the questionnaire of a happy customer in your case study, consisting of the answers to some critical questions like:

    • Source from where they came to know about your brand
    • How your product addressed their problem,
    • What do they like about your product?
  4. 4. Create Infographic videos from the Customer Testimonials

    Videos are easier to comprehend and remember than that of pictures and text. The video testimonials, holding a lot of similarity to the traditional word of mouth approach, are more relatable to the customers.

    Make your customer your brand ambassador and ask them to narrate their experience with your product/ services. Create a video and launch it on your website with the permission of the customer. You can also use these video testimonials to advertise your brand over platforms like youtube.

    Lifelock, an American Identity theft protection company, uses the video testimonials to promote their business. In the video, the customer called Jamie, narrates her story. She also talks about the problems she faced before being introduced to Lifelock. Then in the conclusion part, she tells how Lifelock came out to be a savior for her.

  5. 5. Create intuitive content from the reviews

    You can use the customer reviews in many ways, from promotions of your business to the improvement of your product/ services. Along with the video testimonial and case studies, you can also use customer reviews to create some creative and informative contents, such as-

    • Educational animations
    • Blogs
    • Engaging and effective email campaign.

    Through this, your customer comes to know about your products and brand more deeply. For Example, In the blog, your customer can talk about your product or create a step by step guide with images to use it. You can also ask the famous bloggers to write about your products. Not only the product promotions, but the blogs can also be helpful for the SEO value of your website, increasing your website ranking. This eventually strengthens the online presence of your website.



“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” Bill Gates, Founder, Microsoft.

All the eCommerce mammoths, as well as other successful companies, know the power of customers and their reviews. An eCommerce Review is a potent tool that not only promotes your business but also helps you create a compelling customer experience.

The best way to harness the power of the tool in your business is to formulate an effective strategy, repurpose the eCommerce reviews, and use it in the best way possible. The process might seem complicated but is super effective for business growth. To make it easier, you can reach out to the expert who can guide you through repurposing the reviews as well as creating the best email marketing campaign for your business.

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