eCommerce Product Management Strategies Helping To Win On Amazon

Product Management for Amazon

As per – in 2017, 44% of online sales would be owned by Amazon which was 38% last year.

It is not at all surprising that Amazon has become a scary factor for online retailers who are not selling on this giant marketplace gaining popularity with each passing day. Many brands are now rethinking over their decision of not selling on Amazon.

Amazon having the wider business scope and reach is considered as the most popular marketplace these days. Moreover, driving traffic to your own online store and achieving desired sales goals can be difficult and would take a long time, when compared to selling on Amazon.

Amazon’s customers become your customers and you would be glad to know that half of web shoppers look for products on Amazon before going to any other marketplace.

But, not all sellers can be successful at selling on Amazon. With so many merchants selling on Amazon, the market has become too competitive to win the sales.

So, what should be done to get maximum attention of the customers on Amazon and stand out different from other sellers?

Here, we will discuss some smart eCommerce product management strategies which can help you in maximizing your sales over Amazon.

Product Pages with Rich Content

Include informative content which can help the users making a purchase decision. This doesn’t mean that you insert too long content as that would really bore the buyers and instigate them to move on to your competitors’ products.

Ensure that the relevant content has been inserted into your product pages with the customer reviews. The buyers totally rely on the text displayed on your product pages before buying any product online.

Keep the content attractive, informative and to-the-point at the same time to encourage online shoppers to buy your products.

Quality and Zoomable Images

While shopping online, the buyers cannot touch or feel your product. Provide high quality and zoomable images which can develop confidence within your buyers to purchase your product.

If the image is not clear, the buyer would get confused and many questions arising in their mind would stop them to buy your product. Moreover, a zoomable image would clearly show your buyers exactly how your product looks and that becomes easier for them to decide a purchase.

Just think from your buyer’s point-of-view. Would you like to pay for something which you cannot even see properly? Of course not. Just insert attractive images which would do more than half of your job.

Regular Inventory Update

If you are selling on Amazon, your customers are viewing your products 24/7. As soon as an instance of sales, returns or exchange occurs, you need to ensure that the inventory has been updated.

Low cost or overselling issues can irritate your customers and they may never return again for their purchase requirements.

So, just stay alert and update inventory regularly. Especially, if you are selling on multiple marketplaces, this job becomes a bit complex and it would be better to hire a professional for this who can manage and update your inventory across all marketplaces regularly.

Accurate Order Fulfillment Services

Whether you are an FBA merchant or you fulfill orders on your own, it doesn’t matter for the customer. The customer expects quick and accurate order fulfillment services from your side.

The seller not providing accurate delivery might get many negative reviews which can adversely affect sales and profits.

So, to sustain your good impression, you need to ensure that the orders are managed properly and are delivered on time.

The customers view the sellers’ ratings and reviews before buying a product. Low rating due to delay in delivery can force your customer to buy from your competitors.

Competitive Repricing

Have you ever thought that if the same product which you are selling is being sold by your competitor at a lesser price than yours what would happen?

Obviously, your customer would buy from your competitor.

So, it becomes important that is done and product prices are updated regularly based on that analysis in order to stay competitive and win the buy box on Amazon.

eCommerce Product Management for Amazon – How to Gain Competitive Advantage?

Amazon may seem to be a giant marketplace for you. Online retailers need not get scared of the eCommerce power Amazon holds. There are many ways to gain competitive advantage while selling on Amazon.

With a proper blend of proper eCommerce product management and marketing, you can get access to many Amazon loyal customers who are already searching for the products you are selling.

Just selling on your Magento or WooCommerce store may not be enough. Make your products available on Amazon in an effective manner and watch your business achieving new heights.