Do Shopify take over Volusion?

September 8, 2016
How to make a choice between shopify and volusion?

Shopify store is known to be the best easy-to-use platforms for ecommerce stores. It has a huge storage available for any size website, has simple checkout processes, goes well with many payment processors, and a bunch other features makes it stand apart.

On the other hand, Volusion store is known for its exceptional customer support and for its feature of ease in creating a website on the backend having checkout on the front end.

Having said this, it’s really a challenging job to find out what’s the best for your needs. It’s quite natural you try any product 2-3 times before you know it’s the best in comparison with what you’ve used so far. Similarly it’s not possible to be confident on any of the solutions unless we try each of them at least once. Trial versions are a great deal in the context. Okay, let’s take you through a few basic aspects of comparison between the two to decide if shopify is taking over volusion or the other way round.


Store design being the greatest marketing tool, it’s necessary we compare on this between the 2 providers.

  • Shopify: modern, updated, professional, impresses enough to create trust, professional designers are hired to build winning design themes, mobile responsive, free themes available, upgrading themes is easy, helps create credible stores.
  • Volusion: more than 300 themes, themes based on the industry, a little expensive the paid themes are, lesser mobile responsive templates that is 1/5th of what shopify has.

Better design themes at a reasonable cost and more mobile responsive designs makes shopify stand higher.

Ecommerce Tools:

  • Shopify: Transaction fee starts from as low as 0.5% of subscription, 1/100th of your profit goes to shopify for it gives you the best bandwidth which is highly needed to engage more visitors on more pages of your site simultaneously.
  • Volusion: Doesn’t charge you transaction fee, gives comparatively lesser bandwidth, details of more bandwidth not exposed.

Transparency makes shopify stand higher.


  • Shopify: 24/7 support via chat or mail or phone, discussions via forums.
  • Volusion: Similar support services available.

Both stand at an equal pace here.


In addition to basic estores, we may need to plugin apps built by other developers, into the store. As in we may need better newsletter services, better accounting, better fulfilment options, better customer service and more marketing tools.

  • Shopify: has more than 1000 apps to choose from, integration fee is applicable.
  • Volusion: 80 apps to choose from, important app categories covered.

More choices make shopify stand higher.


More merchants pay shopify; With no much pricing differences opinions still favour shopify, despite the start ahead of 7 years volusion still seems to be having lesser paying customers by 1/7th , popularity trend is faster with shopify, better sales volume generated by shopify (though this is not verified).


  • Shopify: basic at $29 and goes till 229$ with respective transaction charges.
  • Volusion: $15 to $35 monthly for basic and 75-135$ for premium, discount for yearly subscriptions.

Taking up the support level, themes, credibility, free trial, costs, paying customers and all data discussed in mind, shopify looks to have a higher head. While you know this, it doesn’t mean you go for shopify rather decide it based on what your needs are. Ask us now for any assistance you may need and for anything in ecommerce services.

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