6 Chatbots for your e-store that helps increase productivity


Chatbots – the latest phenomenon that is making waves on the internet. The latest technological prodigy pulled out from the magic hat of artificial intelligence.

What is a Chatbot?

In 2016, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Facebook Messenger Chatbots at the F8 conference and gave a very simple yet futuristic explanation of this new trending technology advancement.

We think you should message a business just the way you would message a friend

Chatbots are virtual digital assistants designed to simulate interaction with humans. A chatbot can answer customer queries, book orders basically can carry out all the tasks that a personal assistant or a customer care representative does all by using natural language processing. Chatbots can be integrated on your website or messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp or other channels used for customer communication.

You can get a chatbot developed to have your own Siri, Cortana or Alexa for your ecommerce business. The biggest advantage of a chatbot is that it can respond to queries in real time. It helps to sift the most genuine customers who are ready to purchase your products and bring them to you out of a whole lot of queries received on a daily basis. Ultimately a big time saver for online retailers and quick customer support service for your customers is what a chatbot can do for you.


Below are few such chatbots for you, which you can directly plug it into your ongoing website or application.


Pubble is a customer support app that simplifies how teams communicate with their customers. Pubble enables you to incorporate real-time messaging on your website. This gives you the feature to ‘live chat’ with your customers or reply whenever you are available. Pubble takes care of notifying your customers by push notification, email or SMS.

  • Eliminate Repetitive Questions
  • Delight customers with Instant Answers
  • Faster Customer Response Times
  • Online and Instore in perfect harmony
  • Untether yourself from your Desk


A personal shopping assistant bot-as-a service automatically connects to your catalog, chats with your customers, understands their needs, and leverage popular features and social trends intelligence to offer your best-fit products.

  • Make messaging your sales channel.
  • Spots top discussed products’ features and real-time social trends.
  • Understands your customers’ language and matches the best-fit product from your catalog.


A Chatbot powered live chat that helps you convert website visitors to customers, even on-the-go! JustAsq provides amazing customer experience. It shares your company or product information with the customers while collecting and verifying sales leads. Also, you can chat with your customers anytime, anywhere with the mobile application.

  • Welcome your visitors with a smile and fully customizable whispers that grab their attention.
  • Share images, GIFs, videos and more with your customers in our rich messaging environment.
  • Build your own chatbots.
  • Translate any language into English immediately.
  • Fully customize your live chat widget and share when your customer service team is available to help.


A great chatbot for small business. Integrate this chatbot with your Facebook messenger and it is done. Too busy to reply to your client immediately? Rest assured, EloBot will take care of it. It will reply within seconds. Your clients can see how long and how much it will cost them for each service you configured ELO to display.

  • With Elo, you will no longer waste time and money scheduling appointments.
  • Responds instantly to questions regarding your availabilities and books them!
  • It helps take the appointment with your clients but the final word remains with you.
  • Provide services that are personalized and of quality.


This is by far one of the most popular chatbots. You can integrate this chatbot on a majority of platforms apart from Facebook messenger and your regular messaging app. It handles your FAQs with ease. If there’s a problem that can’t easily be solved, Agent.ai escalates the case to your support team.

  • Enable users to solve common issues on their own, with AI-assisted all within Chat.
  • Engage, retain, and appease customers by delivering custom rewards or, coupons via chat, native and web-based channels.
  • Define and track customer segments based on customer lifetime value.
  • Differentiate service based on customer lifetime value (LTV) – Immediately escalate your VIP customers’ tickets.


Customers often ask the same questions without reading the FAQs page because is it boring to read. Faqbot is an advanced customer support technology that transforms your companies’ FAQs page into a conversational agent based on the web, Facebook and Messenger platforms.

  • Simple to set up. No programming skills required.
  • Reduce your Customer Support workload and deflect contacts for basic FAQs
  • Personalized one on one engagement experience for visitors.
  • As simple as texting and chatting.

Every business has its own unique requirement. There is no one size fits all chatbot that can cater to every segment of e-commerce. Artificial intelligence today has surpassed beyond our imagination. It is time to come out of the cave and see the shining sun.