Active Blog : Demand of every successful ecommerce store

January 2, 2017
Active Blog : Demand of every successful ecommerce store

Blogs have been an integral part of the websites that are meant for success. They not only provide information related to the site to the users, but also helps in increasing SEO ranking. Now, blogging is so common that even those who have a personal website (other than business) have also started this. As we are here to discuss about the Estore, we will not deviate from the path talking about personal or other blogs.

If you are not into blogging till now, you must concentrate on having your own. This will for sure help you achieve your aim. While you start blogs for eStore, take care of the below points to make it a big success.

  • Blog writing is lucrative
    We all know blog writing has many advantages and you will get to know the benefits as you go through the next points discussed. One of the reasons why blogging is preferred is because it is cost effective. This can be well explained with an example. Suppose you choose advertisements on social media and sponsored posts. The value you have to spend on them is in dollars. And also it is not a long time investment. You have to pay further to again advertise your ecommerce store. But with blogs, you don’t have to spend much. And the return is generated for years for a particular post.
  • Blogs are SEO friendly
    SEO is basically increasing the rank of the website and telling the Search engine and the Google crawler that the ecommerce store is still active. The ranking is based on the keywords you use on the website. Thus, if the keywords related to the website are added to the blogs they help in SEO.
  • Blogs inflate the traffic
    We all know that blogs increases the visibility of an online store. Let us understand it more clearly with an example. Suppose you have started a small business in the basement of your house. Obviously it is not visible to the people residing nearby also. If we distribute the pamphlets around, people would get to know about the store and the number of customers reaching your store would increase. In the same way, ecommerce store blogging increases the visibility of the store.
  • Blogs help in branding
    We all know that now the internet has been the most crowded place. It becomes difficult to recognize your voice in a lot of noise. Though using social media platform is in the trend and no doubt it spreads awareness among people, but when the ideas are shared on the social media platform they can be used by the competitors. In this case, ecommerce store blogging gets the total control as you do not have to share your thought over other channels.

    The blogs for eStore can gain trust of the consumers. How would you feel when you enter an online store and find only the products their without any information about the place where you are wandering. When the customer gets to know everything about you, your stories, your place, the trust on the Estore increase.

With the above mentioned points it is pretty much clear that blogging also needs investment. But when this investment is compared to the other investments like advertising, etc., it is much cheaper. Though this would need lots of time and resources (writers), it is worthy as it will get your ecommerce store on the top. So, do not wait for others to move ahead rather run in the race and win the race. If you have any queries regarding the same, feel free to contact us and check the services we provide.

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