8 Ecommerce Mistakes to avoid

8 Ecommerce Mistakes to avoid

Converting online store website visitors to customers is one of the biggest contributors to conversions. But then it does happen to eCommerce stores that the store owners have done every possible effort but still not see the expected conversions. What could be the common eCommerce store mistakes that greatly affect ecommerce conversions and thus the business revenue?

  • Not giving adequate product information makes the customers lose interest in you, because they are forced to research through a lot other sites, to get a clear understanding of what the product is for and how it means to them, only upon which they can make the buy decision. Make sure to answer all customer queries on a product, right in the product description section!
  • Not putting up high definition images in the product pages, tends to disappoint the customer, who expects to see an estore image somewhat closer to the item seen directly in a physical shop. When you put up high quality pictures you are sure to captivate the users!
  • Having unnecessary or numerous or complex steps in estore checkout has shown to tire the customers who want to complete the shopping as fast as possible; most of us do multitasking today so look forward to finish the tasks quickly and jump over to the next, which is the same case with the customers. Make the checkout as simple as possible, say product addition, choice of delivery, payment, order confirmation and a thank you page would do!
  • No one likes to forced for anything into anything; this is the independence seeking tendency of most youngsters and people nowadays. ECommerce store shopping is no exception. Don’t force the users to register with you in order to finish the purchase. Make sure to provide them options for guest checkout; let them decide what they want to do and not you! You are free to push them as much as you can but only by gentle, smart and professional (tactics) means, never by force!
  • Hiding the delivery or shipping charges in all the stages of checkout and all of a sudden showing up a raised price in the payment page astonishes or shocks the customer. This is where they tend to lose the trust in you and leave the site; don’t make way for it! Be transparent in showing the delivery charges in the product detail page itself.
  • It is a digital world today, even a small shop vendor has the card machine. The case being so, don’t be surprised to know that a lot other forms of payments are increasingly coming up in addition to online banking, card payment and PayPal. E-wallet, Paytm and many more. Make sure to accommodate all the latest payment methods in your estore design.
  • Having an intelligent search option where your site must be able to match one or a few or all search words and bring out all the matching products, is necessary. Because a customer might have reached your site by a google search for a product and in your site he may want to see the variations of the same product; estore design should be such that it addresses such search needs! Else you know what happens, the user wouldn’t be able to fetch what he wants, even though you may have it in the store, and sure to walk out!
  • Having multiple options for customers to reach out to you is necessary since you should win their trust that they are always important to you; answer all customer queries on time. Secondly, users tend to walk out a lot many times because they have a lot of doubts on a product or purchase options and they are not answered in faqs or anywhere. Phone, live chat, emails responded quickly, increases their good impression on your site and pushes them to make more buys from you.

While these are some basic mistakes, there are others as well you need to take a look at, under reasons for no conversions,

  • Cosmetic changes made to the site may impact conversions positively or negatively; make sure to do the required amount of testing on it.
  • When a lot of other businesses are selling the same product you have, why a customer should choose you? Pricing is a great determining factor here. Make sure to do a good research before you price an item; also have smart projections of reasons shown when you rise the price of an item.
  • Seasonality is an important factor in every business conversion. Holidays, weekend, nation wide functions and a lot more could be the seasons. Severity in dips of conversion rates can be very much expected if you are not well prepared for the high customer numbers hitting your store. This is a great example of “getting a lot of hits but less conversions”. Make sure to carry this information for the PPC analysis. Get a good insight of the trends and do facelift to accommodate them!
  • When you meet up a user needs, you get the conversion. The fact is the customer expectations are set even before he lands on the site, say from the ads you share in social media. Make sure to put up relevant ads and matching landing pages; smart phrases in the ads; trending products to be projected in the ads, as per the season so you attract most visitors of the day.

While there are may diversions of each of the above eCommerce aspects, we are sure we have given you a basic insight on what to concentrate on when you check on an online store design. If you are looking for your estore , in view of any better conversion, us now!