7 Marketing tips for successful digital holiday promotions

December 7, 2016
Holiday Promotions 2016

We all know that we are going to enter the end month of this year soon. The last month is called the holiday season as Christmas is on the way. People will be busy preplanning their holidays. So, while the going to be customers are preparing something different to make their holiday season special, all the ecommerce store holders must plan something to promote their business and earn the most out of it.

Though we are going to discuss about what can be done for holiday promotions we will be discussing about how it can be beneficial. We all know that the time when a person is free is on weekends or longer holidays. They relax and live their life to the fullest in these days. But it is not like they relax the whole day. In the midst of the break, they check out their mobile phones or laptops to read the e-mails. At this time, if digital marketing for online store is at the peak, definitely the conversion rate is going to increase. So, let’s look over the things we can do to make the holiday campaign a big success this time.

  • Sequential messaging across platforms
    As we all know that ecommerce store is present on both mobile and laptop and desktops, so both the areas needs to be focused on for digital marketing for online store. For this, a campaign should be launched that can send messages on a mobile device then on the tablets. This way all the areas can be focused and also the different people using different devices can be focused.
  • Provide referral bonus
    We all know very well how much we use Facebook, twitter, etc. Not only the customers, but also the Estore holders are using the social sites for branding purpose. They ask people to share their website details. Some of them share others don’t. So, this time make sure that everyone clicks on the share button. Provide them a referral bonus or some special discount. This will really help in branding of the online store.
  • Show complementary products popup
    Highlight the complementary products related to a product just after the good is added to the cart. This is a must for the holiday campaign. Now, you must be wondering why. The answer is sometimes when we select an item from the whole list of products we like to buy the accessories the dummy wears. So, we search for the same on the whole website. Thus, instead of making the customers search the whole website for the extra products they like, just highlight them somewhere on the same screen, it will increase the sale on the online store.
  • Geo-targeting
    Geo-targeting as the name itself states is something related to the location. It is one of the holiday promotions where the person within the location where offer is provided is sent the message.
  • Invite the customer soon after a purchase
    Once a customer purchases a good from an Estore, immediately send an email regarding the same. Also, do not forget to invite them for more product purchase and offers. It can for sure increase the sale in a store.

The bottom line is you all want your stores to make the maximum sale this time. To achieve them, you must add something unique to your holiday promotion campaign. The main reasons why customers get tempted towards your store are the great deals and the savings they do on a purchase of a particular product. So, try to emphasize on the reasons and make the most out of them. If you still need some advice, you can contact us without any hesitation; meanwhile have a look at the services we provide.

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