6 Landing Page Conversion Tactics That Rock

A Landing page is designed to convert traffic into consumers. If you are not generating consumers from the landing pages, your marketing tactics are going in vain.

We understand that you’ve invested your blood, sweat, and money creating a kick ass website. But what’s the use if your sales volume is not meeting your expectation?  And here landing pages come into the picture. Landing pages are the key factor to spark the growth of your business and sale. Hence, Optimizing landing pages is MUST.

What is a landing page?
A Landing page is a standalone web page linked to your website. As soon your audience clicks it, they can find the desired content which they were finding all over the internet. A landing page fetches the exact offer that you have got for your customer. This increases the chances of conversion higher than ever.

Why is a landing page required?

Your website acts as a window for everyone over the internet. By that I mean, those hundreds of billion of people can make out who you are just looking at your website! Isn’t this exciting? But what if the visitors abandon your website? What if they really don’t convert? You have to understand that your visitors won’t spend more than a couple of seconds on your website. So what do you do? Let them go?

Hell No!

This is where your cute Landing page comes into the picture. A landing page is essential because:

  • It helps you to showcase your stunning offers individually
  • Works as a secondary entrance to your home site! A landing page is linked to your checkout page, sign up page or any other page you decide! It helps you to bring the right visitor to your site.
  • Visitors can exactly see what they are looking for on WWW (World Wide Web)

6 Tried and Tested Landing Page Conversion Tips

1. Videos are your best friends

Videos are the best way to deliver content in the most intuitive manner. Also, it helps you to engage landing page visitors for as long as you can. And, there is nothing better than integrating videos into your landing pages.

Videos work best when they are included at the top of a page. Make videos descriptive enough and include a call to action so that you don’t need to worry much about putting a text.

2. Headlines are important

Why are headlines important? A says 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, while just 2 out of 10 will read the content beneath it. So, if you aren’t strategic about crafting your landing pages, you are missing out a chance to increase engagement in a significant manner.

For writing killer headlines, you can follow The which says that headlines should be unique, useful and provide readers with a sense of urgency. Headlines should be such that you don’t miss any chance of customer engagement.

3. Click bait offers

Provoke visitors with exciting new offers and get them signed up for newsletters!

Landing page

would double the possibility of acquiring an email address from a visitor than not having an option like this on your page. Ensure to put good offers and highlight them as much as possible and then place the CTA for newsletter subscription.

4. Hold your horses for 5 seconds

You might have written the best content and designed a world class landing page but relax! Before hitting the publish button, pause for 5 seconds. But how does this matter? If you’re able to hold a visitor for 5 seconds or more, you have crafted the perfect landing page. If it takes any longer, their chances of a bouncing skyrocket.

5. The catalog and E-book technique

Offer free product catalog and to your visitor and let them ask for it online.

6. Webinars

Start recording webinars. Offer them as a free tool to your audience. Create an email page where people can sign up and get the webinars at one place. Categorize the recordings according to the theme of the session.

This is an example of who are making a great use of the webinars by recording them and storing them under a different category as above. This also adds value to your landing page.

To conclude…

Always keep in mind that a landing page has been made for a very specific purpose i.e. to convert visitors into consumers. Many times people go overboard with the landing pages and end up overwhelming the visitors. Simple landing pages would always do better than complicated ones. A landing page should have a clear and crisp content that directly communicates its motive. Follow these tips to get the best out of your landing page.