6 eCommerce SEO Tips That Can Multiply your Sales

January 1, 2018
eCommerce SEO Tips

SEO for eCommerce is really challenging. Do you know why?

There are hundreds or thousands of pages in an eCommerce website and optimizing each and every page can make you crazy at times.

But, SEO for an eCommerce website is important too. If you don’t overcome this challenge, you don’t get traffic from search engines and that means no sales no profit. Reports from Selz show that 44 percent of online shoppers begin with a search engine.

Therefore, ignoring SEO means moving your online business towards slow death!!!

If you are overwhelmed with the idea of how you could implement the best SEO practices for your eCommerce website, just go through below tips which can definitely help you multiple sales over your online store.

Unique Titles for Product Pages

The biggest mistake which can be seen in eCommerce websites is duplicate title tags. Unique titles for product pages can help you in attracting the attention of search engines.

The best way of doing that would be to create a title tag formula which includes – “Brand – Model – Item Name.”

You can also include the discount you are offering the product in the meta title. For example – “iPhone 5s at 15% discount”

Ensure that the title is not more than 70 characters, otherwise, search engines may not display the entire title.

Redirect URLs of Discontinued Products

Redirecting the URLs of discontinued products to a relevant URL of your website is not only good for search engines but also adds to the shopping experience to your customers.

The search engines also come to know that your old content has moved to a fresh page. Not redirecting the old pages to new pages can also increase your bounce rate.

Thus, this would be the most crucial and important step which every online retailer should ensure that it’s done.

Optimizing Category Pages

The keywords for category pages should be chosen wisely. For example, if you have a category page for “luxury watches”, ensure that the same keyword appears in the title tag of the category page but not the product pages. Otherwise, the category page may compete with the product pages. Moreover, product specific keywords can be used for product pages.

Mobile Friendliness

  • Ensure that your eCommerce store is mobile friendly in terms of –
  • Flash objects should be avoided as that would not let your website load quicker
  • Text should be readable without having the need of zooming
  • Your website should not get scrolled horizontally
  • User-friendly navigation structure is must

Rich Snippets of Product Pages

Rich snippets cannot help in the ranking in SERPs, but it can definitely help in improving CTR. By using schema markups in an eCommerce website, you can increase the visibility of the product information in SERPs like price, reviews and ratings, events, etc., which can be extremely useful for your customers before they make buying decision.

Breadcrumbs on Product and Category Pages

Breadcrumbs on all the pages are required for search engine algorithm to navigate your website easily and also for user-friendliness.

Your customer can easily navigate your store if you have used breadcrumbs on your product and category pages.

eCommerce SEO – Opening Doors to New Opportunities

These eCommerce SEO practices used properly can definitely improve search engine ranking resulting in driving relevant traffic and multiplying sales.

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